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My First self-published book

This is the first book that I self-published and can be purchased on Amazon. Its available in paperback and digital (Kindle version).


Meet Amethyst, a 7-year-old gifted child with magical abilities to create fire and ice. Not only do her skills make her different from other typical children, but her hair changes with the weather’s temperature. Amethyst is a child of wonder even from the day she was born, and due to her young age, she cannot fully control her abilities. One day, her mother falls ill and is dying, launching Amethyst to travel to far unknown places to seek out a cure for her mother. She begins to encounter wondrous and mysterious places filled with all kinds of creatures and people. On her travels and the aid from her companions, she begins to unlock her powers, as well as the reason for her mother’s strange and fatal illness, and the mysterious woman who holds a hidden and dark agenda.