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A short story

Thinking of something and writing are two different things because once you put it down in words, it seems out of place or just plain stupid.

Just a short story that I wanted to share, which is not entirely complete. There's still something missing from it, but I just want to upload it.

The Man we called Father

In most stories, a hero would come and save the day, but in real life that would not be the case. I am not important to be known, but there was someone special… well, we all thought he was. So, let me start from the beginning and tell you about it. Before I was born, my parents were in a world that was in much turmoil, and if anyone saw it, their blood would run cold. News of someone killing another over something stupid was an everyday event. Some protesters and activists would voice their concern, but they would be destroyed or corrupted by those that interfered with their plans, and that would be the end of it. While chaos occurred within the nations, the tensions between countries grew, and the leaders would treat each other as if they were children in a playground. News of who had the bigger weapon was reported daily, and many wondered who would attack first. Everyone knew that the planet would erupt into a war that would destroy everything. And as the tensions grew, a man appeared out of nowhere, and he spoke. The words were marvelous, and it touched the hearts of those that listen. At first, it was a whisper and only in remote areas would his words be heard, but as his speeches spread outward, more came to listen to the man. Many wanted to know what the man looked like, but for me to describe him would be difficult. And even if could, I do not see him as the same man that I once adored. However, there was something that I and many others would agree on and that his presence made him appear godlike. Those that followed him from the beginning assured him that they would give their lives for him, but he told them that he was not a god nor a savior, just a man that wanted to end everyone’s suffering and to join every being into a uniform species. I know that I said that I am not important, but this part of the story must be told. I joined the group when I lost everything, and I was at my lowest point. The man walked by me one day and told me that if I were to have everything would I still be happy. It was a strange question to think about it now, but at the moment, I felt as if he knew what I was going through. I became part of his inner circle and witness great changes in the people’s lives that became part of the group. There were a few that did not trust him, but little by little, he won their hearts. While the world began to fall apart, the man continued with his vision. I suppose I should stop writing the man and speak his name that everyone called him and that was Father. It suited him for everyone saw him as a father, and it had a powerful meaning. I saw it in him, and he enjoyed that title. Father grew more famous, and all the nations gather together to listen what Father spoke. There was honesty in his voice, his words, and in his eyes. Once they looked at him, that was it, and they became part of the group. We followed the advice of Father, and then in just a blink of an eye, peace came, and everyone began to work together. The times of peace was grand, and it seemed as mankind had finally stopped hating each other. The planet changed and it recovered from the mayhem that we created. There were no more nations or groups, we lived under the shadow of Father, and we felt united. As the years went by and the human race grew, the planet was not going to support the new generation. So, we began to think about space colonization, and the first colony would be the moon. It took only two years to build a station there, and it helped for the time being. From there we moved towards Mars, its moons. We created another earth, and it sustained us for another few years, then moved to Jupiter’s moons. No one thought that it would be possible to do something like this, but it was Father that helped us become one. I would end the story here, and tell that everyone lived happily, but as I said before life and fantasy are two different things. As I became part of the encircle of Father, I discovered a dark secret and it changed my view. Father, ha, that man was nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I hated him and still do. Let me return to what happened. As the expansion of our empire grew, rumors of strange occurrences happened on one of the moons of Uranus. Father kept it from been know of what it was, for he secretly killed those the discovered it. He created an arm force, and their only task was to kill those that went against them. Some that were part of the circle asked Father why he would do something like that, but he used his words to keep them hypnotize. I however, knew about it and kept my mouth shut. So, what was his agenda? Well, his purpose was just to manipulate everyone. He was preparing the world for someone else. Father was not a man but something else, and he used everyone to create a kingdom for his kind and to wipe of out. As the madness spread throughout the whole colony, reports of everyone killing each other came into view. It was insane and so unreal for it to be happening, but Father spoke and everyone ignored it. So, the moon was isolated from the other colonies, but just like a cold or flu, it slowly spread, and there was nothing to stop it. We all cried to Father and asked why it was happening. He looked at everyone and smiled.

“My children, your time has come to an end. You served me perfectly, and for that, I shall give you all a reward. Accept it with great pride and may you all die a quick death.”

It was strange to hear Father speak to us in that tone of voice. There was compassion in it as his virus spread around us and we began to kill each other. The man had planned all from the beginning, and there was nothing we could do to stop him or the madness. We stood there like children frightened of the man and watched everything that we created and cherished be destroyed by a man that we once loved. How strange it was that we tried to learn from our past and not repeat it, but it always comes, like a storm that cannot be stopped. In a blink of an eye, we welcome our destruction and fall to our knees as the life was taken from us. I look out my boarded window, and I could hear the madness outside and inside of me. The walls are covered in something that I do not want my reader to know about. Still, I wondered why I am writing about it. Would there be someone out there to read it after we are all gone? Maybe some other intelligent being would see it and ask themselves, why a civilization of great wonders be wiped out. I sense it inside of me. Guess life was about failing and to let something else come and take our place. I wished there was a way to go back and stop it. A shame that it ended like this.

A fallen child,