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Reliving an old story

At times you hit a wall and have no idea where to go with a story. Some might think that I'm crazy, but that wall comes at me, I create another novel to focus on something else, then I return back to the first tale with a new idea.

I wrote this story when I was in high school and until now I rewrote it. I know that there's a lot of things missing in it, but I might go back to it and fill in the holes and give more detail about it.

The Hunting Color

A puddle of blood was diluted by the rain, and my eyes wandered away from it. A woman stared at me with a horrified face as my life was ending, and I began to recall how it all led to that moment. The alarm beeped, and I opened one eye to look at the time. 6:34 a.m., and I did not feel like getting up that morning. I hit the snooze button and turned my head around. The light color of red covered my eyes, and there was a lovely smell coming from in front of me. My hand slowly touched the object, and it was my wife's red hair. I moved a few strains and stared at her sleeping face. It was a strange morning for the tone red stood out more that day. I studied her face and looked at the freckles on her nose and cheeks. I brush my hand over her, and she opened her eyes and pushed my hand away.

“Leave me alone. I had a long night.” She said with an irritated voice.

I turned around and slowly got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. As my sight became more aware of the room, all of the colors seemed faded except for a few shades of red. My wife’s toothbrush stood out in the fade world, and I looked at it with wonder. After I got ready, I headed downstairs and set up the coffee pot. I grabbed my mug which was a faded grey color, but the other cup next to it was a bright red.

“Man, I better get my eyes checked,” I told myself as I grabbed my mug and sat down near the pot. I lowered my head and closed my eyes and began to think about something that happened last night. A few moments later, my wife came down and poured herself a cup of coffee and walked away. She said nothing to me and stood there staring out the window. I looked outside and noticed that it was raining.

“Weatherman got it wrong again.”

She said nothing and stood there drinking.

“Did I do something to upset you?”

“I’m going to be home late again, so don’t wait up for me.”

She left the kitchen and went upstairs. I just shook my head and rubbed the back of my neck and poured the rest of the coffee and drank it, then headed out. The drive to work was long for it was raining and there were a few accidents, but there was one that caught my attention. I witnessed a man on the ground being covered by a sheet and got a quick glimpse of his red-shirt which was the only color that stood out. I had no idea why I kept seeing that color, and I put no attention to it. A few minutes later, I barely managed to get to work as I ran up to my office. When I turned on the lights, my supervisor Wilkins came in, and he introduced me to a young woman that was starting that day.

“Eric, I like you to meet Elyssia.”

“Um… nice to meet you.” I shook her hand and noticed that her lips were red. “The color suits you.”

“Oh, thank you.” She smiled at me.”

“She’s going to be assisting you with the Creary project.”

“Okay, but I wasn’t aware that I need help with it. I just got the reports and…”

“Listen, Eric,” He got closer to me and placed his arm around my shoulder. “This is a big one, and I don’t want to lose it.”

“N… no, I understand but what is she going to do.”

“I majored in civil engineer and was recommend to work here by my professor.”

We looked at her, and Wilkins grinned and slapped my back. “I think she qualifies to be here, and she’s going to be a great asset.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Right, well let me show you the rest of the team. Oh Eric, make sure that she has everything to start on the project.”

“Sure thing.”

They walked away, and I rubbed the back of my neck for it was a surprise to have someone help and it made it seem as if I was incapable of doing my work. I shook it off and set up my workspace. A few minutes later Elyssia came in with a smile on her face. I looked at her and smiled back, seeing her there made me feel better about my life. I quickly showed her what to do, and she grasped everything well, which was impressive. During lunch, I asked her why she wanted to work with the company.

“Well to tell you the truth, I had my eye on somewhere else, but I got the position here first.”

“Do you plan on going to the other place if they offer you more money?”

“I don’t know, this place has a great work environment, and you seem to be one of the top dogs here.” I laughed when I heard that. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, I never was told that I’m a top dog. But yes, without me this company would have gone under and…” I stopped and noticed a bird outside that was bleeding. Its head was covered in blood, and the color stood out from the grayish environment.

“Hey, you okay?”

I looked back at Elyssia, and for the first time since I woke that day, there was color on her. Her complexion stood out, and a calmness came over me.

“Um… yeah, I just remembered something. Anyway, as soon as we finish, I will show you the full plans on what we are going to do.”

“Great, I can't wait to start.”

I smirked but it faded, and I wondered if I had a crush on my assistant. The day ended well, and I headed back home with a smile. I was such in a good mood that I did not notice that the color red was appearing more. I stopped at a red light and turned on my radio and searched for a station. I was so occupied with it that I did not see the truck heading towards my direction. When I lifted my head up, I only saw the bright lights and the sound of screeching tires. A moment later, I opened my eyes and felt something hitting me in the face. I heard a man asking something, but his voice was muffled. My eyes wandered away from the man’s face, and I stared at the blood that was diluted from the rain. The color was faded as everything around me started to fade. I moved my eyes and noticed a woman that was staring at me with horror. I slowly looked away and stared at the sky to see a few drops of rain as everything went black.