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An idea to make a movie

When an idea comes to mind grab a sheet of paper and write. I have so many that if filled a notebook. Some sound great, others are like what was I thinking.

When I saw that sinkholes on the news, I came up with this story. It was something that I was want to make a film but never had the chance to do it. I don't know if I would use it as a new novel or not.

Beneath Our Feet

It was an ordinary summer day, and a yellow car was heading towards the national forest. A young woman was staring out the window but was asleep. They been on the road since 5 in the morning and arrived three hours later. The car pulled to the side, and the driver woke up the woman. She opened her eyes and stretched her arms and looked at the man.

“Are we here?”


“Great.” She got out of the car and looked around. “Hey, how far do we still have to go?”

“It’s not far. We just need to hike from here.”


“The place I want to show you is only accessible on foot.”

“Better be worth my time getting up so early.” She rubbed her head.

“Oh, it will be.”

The couple grabbed their packs and locked up the car, then headed towards the mountain. They spoke for some time as the man pulled out his camcorder and filmed their hike.

“Oh god, are you going to do that all the way up there.”

“You know this is part of my job. Besides, won’t you like to see the trips that we went on?”

“So, I can cry later and be like, wow I wasted my time with that guy.” The woman laughed.

The man shook his head and panned around the area, then saw something strange in the distance. He zoomed closer to it and witnessed someone dressed in a blue hazard suit.

“Hey, check this out.”


“Look here.”

He showed his girlfriend and saw that there were more of them walking around.

“Why they dressed like that?”

“Who knows, I didn’t see anything about closed roads.”

“Let’s get out of here and come back some other time.”

“Sure. Let me film a bit more.”

“You know that in the movies when the guy says that everyone ends up dying.”

The man nodded, and they headed back but stopped when they heard something screaming. The man kneeled down and zoomed to see what was happening.

“Let’s go.” The woman grabbed the man by the arm.

“They might be in danger or hurt.”

“The more reason to leave and find help for them.”

“Babe, we are miles away from any town or city.”

The man walked back to help them, and he discovered a person lying on the ground covered in black sludge. Parts of the uniform was uncovered, and the man recognized that it was a military outfit. He touched the goo, and it was sticky, and it smelled of tar. There was a line of it leading back from where it came from, and the man followed it. The trail ended at a massive sinkhole, and the smell of tar was pungent. Strange sounds were echoing inside, so the man filmed it and looked for anyone else around. There was a glimpsed of something moving inside, and as the lens zoomed into it, something touched the man from behind, and he jumped. He quickly turned around and stared at his girlfriend.

“What the hell did you do that?”

“I only touched you. You’re the one that got scared.” Her eyes moved passed him and examined the sinkhole. “What in the world is that?”

“I think the ground sank and the military is studying it.”

“How do you know?”

“Follow me.”

They headed back to the soldier but the body was gone, and there was only a pool of black goo.

“He was here.” The man looked around to see if the body was dragged, but the floor was not disturbed only for the trail that led back to the hole.

“We should just leave. I don’t like this.” The woman said.

“Yeah, let’s get…”

A branch cracked behind them and they both turned around. They stood there silent staring at the forest but nothing was seen. The woman grabbed her boyfriend's hand and tugged it. They slowly walked back but something was following as if it were stalking them. The man found a tree branch and held it up ready to swing. At that moment, someone covered in the black goo came from behind a bush and collapsed in front of them. The woman shriek at the sight of the person as the body began to melt away. Another sound of a branch cracked in front of them, and there stood a giant creature that was covered by the goo. It made an odd growl as the hood on its head vibrated. It appeared reptilian like and had no arms or legs and it moved just like a snake. The man grabbed the woman’s hand and they ran as the creature followed them. They leapt over a fallen tree and saw a man hiding behind it. They shouted to the man to run, but the animal was right behind them that he had no time to move. It wrapped its body around the man and began to squeeze him. The couple did not look back as they raced for their car but saw that there was another creature there. It was different looking from the snake for it stood on its hind legs and had large claws. It noticed the couple and went after them. They ran for their lives but the woman tripped on something and the creature pounced on her. The man looked in horror as the woman was shredded. He shouted at it and swung the stick which did nothing. The beast slashed at the man that his head was torn off. The camera fell on the ground and bounced off the creature’s body as it went black. Only the audio was heard of the monster roaring.