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First Part

Practicing makes it better. However, writing the same words over and over becomes repetitive and to hear it again or reread it there is ever the changes would be made.

Part one of a three-part short tale. I wanted to post it all but breaking it into three parts is better and gives it a cliffhanger at each end.

My Fairy

A child sat in the corner of the playground while watching the other children. Some were running around the field, others jumping on a bouncer, or climbing on the jungle gym. One of the children came to the child and asked if she wanted to play with them. The child looked at him and pointed to the chair that she was sitting.

“My legs don’t work, so I can’t do the things you.”

“Oh wow, sorry.”

The boy ran off to play, and the girl became upset that she wheeled herself back to the classroom. The room was closed, so the girl waited in the hallway. While she waited, she stared at her legs and wished that she could walk. She closed her eyes and imagined herself doing all the things that the other children were doing.

“If only it would come true.”

She opened her eyes and stared at an odd woman that stood in front of her. The woman’s hair was curly and a dark red. Her skin was light brown, and her eyes were gold. She wore a strange outfit made of different materials. Her wrists had several watches, and each of them had a different time. The woman grinned which seem odd.

“Hello, I am grand fairy Saffron. And I am here to…”

The child began to scream that the woman was startled by it. She quickly pulled out a strange stick and tapped it on the girl’s head which made her silent.

“Oh dear,” She looked both ways to see if anyone was coming. “You mustn’t shout like that.”

The girl closed her mouth and began to wheel away from the woman.

“Wait, where are you going?”

She chased the girl and lifted her up from the chair. They flew out of the school and up towards the sky. The girl shouted at the woman, but no sound came from her mouth.

“Oh dear, oh dear. This will not do.” The woman said. “I must take you away so I can introduce myself very well.”

They landed by a park and the woman placed the girl on a bench.

“Now, as I said, I am grand fairy Saffron, and I am here to grant you any wishes that you want. So, what will be your first?”

The girl tried to speak, but nothing came out as she moved her hands.

“Well don’t just make hand gestures, say something.” Saffron crossed her arms, then remembered the spell she cast. “Oh dear, I forgot. I am sorry about that.”

She tapped on the girl’s head, and her voice returned.

“What did you do to me and where did you come from?”

“Um… too many questions. Please make a wish.”

“Why should I? You didn’t even tell me anything about yourself or…”

“But I did. I am grand…”

“Yeah, I heard you the first time, but who are you really and where did you come from?”

“Oh dear, I am sorry. This is my first time being here, and I was so excited to meet my godchild.” Saffron stood upright and placed her hands together, then took a deep breath and looked at the girl. “I heard your dream, and I came to help you fulfill it.”

“My dream?” The girl looked at her legs. “You mean I’ll be able to walk?”

“If that is your desire then yes.”

A smile came on the child’s face, and she asked Saffron to grant it. Saffron nodded her head and tapped the stick on the child’s legs and told her that it was done. The child looked at Saffron strangely for she did not feel anything below her waist. The child tried to move her toes, but nothing happened. She became upset and yelled at Saffron.

“You lied to me.” Tears came from her eyes as she wiped them. “I’m still crippled. You shouldn't give someone hope like that if it’s all a lie.”

“But it should have worked.” Saffron kneel down and placed her hand on the child’s leg. “I did exactly what I was trained to do.”

“What? You’re just a student?”

“Not anymore. I passed the exams two days ago.”

“You’re just tricking me.”

“Of course not. Here I will prove it. Ask for something else.”

The girl looked around and saw a rock. “Make the rock walk here.”

“Alright.” Saffron smiled. “Make a wish.”

“I told you what I want.”

“Yes, but you have to say it in a wish form.”

“Okay, I wish the rock would walk.”

Saffron held the stick in the air and waved it at the rock. All of a sudden, legs appeared from it, and it began to move around. However, it had no eyes, so it just walked into things and tripped over them or hit itself. The girl was amazed that it came true and she looked at the woman, who grinned at her.

“So, you are a real fairy. But why did you not grant my wish to walk?”

“I don’t know; maybe I need to focus more on it or…”



“I’m Nara. Now, I wish to walk again.”

“Oh, okay.” Saffron held the wand and tapped Nara on the legs. She back away and spun the wand in her hands as she looked at Nara examining her feet. “Well?”

Nara smiled and slowly stood up, then hugged Saffron and thanked her for granting the wish. Saffron smiled back, then sensed a presence in front of her. There stood a man, who had a frown face and was stroking his beard.

End of part one.