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Second Part

Focus on one thing is great but it becomes boring after a while if its a lengthy task. A balance of doing something else benefits both things.

My Fairy 2

The bearded man paced in front of Saffron and Nara. His face was stern, and only his breathing was heard in the room. Nara's eyes moved around to see the strange frames that hung on the wall. Each of the images had a portrait of a child which were all the man’s godchildren. Nara leaned closer to Saffron and whispered.

“Did he help all of them?” Saffron nodded without looking at her. “How about you?”

“You are my first one.”

“And she will be your last.” The man shouted. “Saffron, you know the rules and now look what you have done.”

“But I asked her to make my wish come true. And isn’t that what a fairy does to grant wishes.”

“Yes, but to help you to grow strong and become a better person.”

“Well, I wasn’t told about that.” Nara stood up and walked to the man. “She wanted to help me, and she did. So, you better not fire her. Otherwise, you’re going to have to deal with me.”

The man looked at Saffron, who was timid, then at Nara, who was fierce. “I see that the child has spirit. Very well, Saffron will stay with you and only you.”

“What?” Saffron shouted. “But if I’m to be a true fairy I have to serve other children.”

“You broke the rule but seeing that you lack some training,” The man placed his hand on Nara’s shoulder. “She will help you with that.”

“I understand.” Saffron stood up and walked to them with her head pointing to the floor.

“Look at me when you walk.”


“Now, fairy Saffron and child… what was your name?”


“Of course. Now, hold hands and raise your other hand.” The man placed a red cloth on the joined hands. “From this day onward, Saffron will become your fairy godmother. This union will stay until the death of the child.”

“What?” Nara shouted. “I’m going to die soon?”

“N… no, when you reached your time on earth.”

“When is that?”

“Sir, you are scaring her,” Saffron whispered.

“Oh, um… when you reach your old age. Anyhow, let us end this.” The man placed his hand over the cloth, and it began to bind into their skin that it became part of it. Then it vanished, and their hands were free.

“What happened?” Nara asked.

“You have been bound together. Now, Saffron, I hope that you will be able to serve this child’s needs and protect her, but do not interfere with her daily life of mishaps. She must learn how to defend herself. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.” Saffron bowed her head. “I will only help her when…”

All of Saffron’s watches began to speed up, and they stopped at 12 o’clock, then they vanished.

“What happened?” Nara asked.

“She can become mortal at will. Congratulation, you have reached stage two.”

“Thank you, sir.” Saffron smiled. “I will soon be a master fairy.”

“Um… no, for that level you will need to serve more children and seeing that Nara is only 6.”

“I’m 8.”

“Oh yes, 8. The child still has a long way to go before the clock stops on her life.”

“That’s fine.” Saffron placed her hand on the back of Nara. “I will enjoy being part of her life.”

“Same here. So, what will you be doing for me?”


“She will help you in completing important tasks, but she cannot use her magic to aid you.”

“Well, that’s dumb. What if I’m in danger or someone is going to hurt me.”

“You must solve that on your own. Now, I have other important things to do, so be off.”

Both Saffron and Nara were tossed out of the room and fell into a lake. Nara splashed around and shouted that she was not able to swim and began to drown. She went underwater and wished that she was able to breathe or swim. Just then a light covered her and Nara transformed into a sea creature. She stopped moving and examined her hands and feet that were webbed. Her skin looked like that of a fish, and her nose was gone as well as her ears. Nara swam up and surfaced to see Saffron floating in the air.

“Oh good, it worked.”

“What did you do to me?” Nara asked with a strange voice.

“You wished to swim. So, I turned you into a mermaid.”


“Here look.” Saffron held a mirror, and there Nara saw what she looked like.

“Mermaids don’t look like this. I look like a monster.”

“But that’s what all mermaids look. The ones that men have thought of is all wrong. Human skin is terrible for water and will make you look like a wrinkled plum.”

“Well change me back.”

“But you can’t swim.”

Nara frown and searched for the shore, but there was nothing around.

“Where are we?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps, we can ask that shark coming towards you.”


Nara turned her head to see the fin coming towards her. It was a frightening sight, and it made Nara dived into the water to swim away. The shark followed her, and it sounded as if it were telling her to stop. Nara ignored it and swam with all her strength but was caught inside a net. There were other sea creatures inside the trap and were trying to break out, but they were entangled by the wire. The shark arrived, and it swam around them. It saw Nara and spoke to her.

“I was trying to warn you about the human trap.”

End of Part two.