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Part Four

Going to new places and see the things with your own eyes is something that everyone should do. You learn more about the world and come up with more tales to tell.

My Fairy

Saffron paced outside the city entrance then looked if Nara was coming. It had been four hours, and she had not returned. Saffron was worried and could not stand waiting any longer. She stopped pacing and stood firm as she closed her eyes and held her hand in the air.

“It’s the only way. I hope I can return to normal.”

Saffron moved her hand in the air and created a symbol that lowered itself over her. When it touched the ground, a light came from below, and energy blew upward that it lifted her hair up. Once it was gone, Saffron opened her eyes and looked at the guard that was standing there with a startled face. She held the musket at Saffron.

Stay back… you… monster…or… I'll blast you.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” Saffron grinned at the guard then tapped her finger in the air, and the guard fell to the ground. "Oops, I overdid it."

Saffron lifted her up and entered the city with ease. She placed the guard near the post and headed to find Nara. It was late in the evening, and most of the town was empty. A few folks were walking around that were cleaning the street or watering the plants. Saffron headed to the command post and went inside. There was a woman at the counter that was cleaning her gun and saw Saffron coming. The woman hid the pistol and straighten herself up as she smiled. Saffron examined the woman and saw her light red hair that was tied into a bum. Her eyes were grayish that it almost looked blue. She had a gash on her right eye and ran down diagonal.

“Good evening Madam. How may I help you?”

“I am looking for a child. She’s about this tall.” Saffron held her hand over her side. “She has curly brown hair, dark skin, and green eyes. Her name is Nara, and she was told to come here.”

“Sorry Madam, but no child came here. Is she someone's daughter?”

“She’s my goddaughter. Oh dear, this is awful. I lost her, and they are going to punish me.” Saffron placed both of her hands over her face and began to cry.

“Oh, please calm down.” The guard stood up and walked over to Saffron. “I will help you find her. Let me write down her description, and we can head out.”

“Oh, thank you.” Saffron hugged the woman. “You are such a nice person.”

“Um… you’re welcome. Now, let me write it down.”

“What is your name?”

“Camilla, Knight Camilla.” She smiled, but it faded as she continued to say the rest. “Third Rank Knight Camilla of the… bottom of the barrel. I’m such a loser.”

“What’s do you mean loser?”

Camilla sighed and lowered her head. “Nothing, let me just fill the paperwork and let a real Knight help you.”

“But I want your help.” Saffron smiled. "You seem like you know what to do."

“I wish I could, but I’m only a bottom dweller. Useless and only meant to push papers around and serve coffee.” Camilla began to cry and placed her head on the desk.

“Now dear, you mustn't put yourself down like that. Everyone is capable of doing anything as long as others are there to help.” Saffron thought about what she said. “I see what you meant Ark, that child is meant to help me grow."

"If only those words were true."

"Poor girl, I should take her under my wing and help her grow too. Third Rank Knight Camilla of the bottom of the barrel," Camilla looked at Saffron with a sour face. "Um... I mean guardian. At this moment, I inscribe your services to be First Rank Knight for Nara. Your first task is to help me find her.”

“But you can’t hire me. I’m…”

“Oh, thank you for taking her.” A man walked in and shook Saffron’s hand. “You don’t know what this means to her mother and me.”

“And you are?”

“I am her father and seeing my baby girl crying is heartbreaking.”

“But I can’t just leave my post and…”

“None sense, I will speak with the commander, and he will agree. Now excuse me while I set up the paperwork with her.”

Camilla leaned back in the chair and had a confused expression. “Was he waiting for someone to take me? It’s as if he wanted me to get married or something.”

“I think he wants to see you grow strong and be a respectful Cavalier.”

“Huh, I guess so. Very well, I will join your group and be a Knight to Nara.” Camilla stood up and grabbed her gun and sword then bowed to Saffron.

“Thank you, so where should we look?”

“When was the last time you saw her.”

“Nara was walking straight then l lost sight of her.”

“Why did you let her wander off on her own?”

“Oh well…” Saffron placed her hands on the side and tightened her fists. “You see, I’m a grand fairy.”

“No that can’t be!” Camilla shouted and lifted her hands in the air as she paced around. “I was hired by an evil creature.”

“Hey, I’m not evil.”

“Yes, you are. Magic is prohibited in the Kingdom of Rock, and your kind created the war, which almost destroyed everything.”

“But that’s…”

“Commander, Commander.” A man came running inside the building and looked at Camilla. “Bottom dweller, where is the Commander?”

Camilla made an upset face and pointed to the left. The man ran off, and Saffron looked at her.

“Do you want to be known as a useless knight, or do you want to be a real Knight?”

“I pledge myself to Nara and… to you.” Camilla keeled.

End of Part Four.

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