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Part Five

Last entry for this story, and I deiced to turn it into a novel. So to find out what happens next you will need to wait for the book to come out.

My Fairy 5

Nara looked at the boy who was washing the dishes and whistled a tone. He was about the same height at Nara, and he wore brown pants and a white shirt that had a few small stains on the front. His skin was brown, and his light brown hair was cut like a bowl cut which seemed ridiculous. As he placed the plates on the counter, a man walked in and shouted to the boy to go outside and clean a mess. He jumped down from the box and grabbed a mop then headed out. The man looked at Nara as he moved his cigar on his mouth from one side to the other.

“What you're looking at kid?”


“Once she comes back, I’m putting you to work.”

The man left and shouted that the orders were ready. Nara hugged herself and rubbed her hand over her arms as she examined the room. It was a dirty looking kitchen, there were cockroaches walking around on the floor and counter. A mouse was by a box that was opened and was eating what was inside. The boy returned and looked at Nara.

“Hey, are you hungry?” He held up a piece of meat that was covered in dirt. “Someone dropped it but its still good. Just a little dirty.”

“No thanks.” Nara made a gag face. “How can you stand this place?”

“What do you mean?”

“This room is gross, and that man treats you like a slave. You should go back to your parents and…”

“I’m an orphan, so he is the only person that cares for me.” They both heard the man shouting outside to one of his waitresses. “He must be shouting at Sinclair. She's always clumsy but a good friend.”

“No person would treat someone like that if they cared. He's just a bully.”

“Yeah, but I can’t do nothing about it.” The boy walked to the sink and washed the meat then began to eat it. “A little plain but at least I have something to eat.”

“Gross,” Nara whispered to herself.

A while later, an older girl came in and was crying. Her face was marked red, and the boy walked to her and hugged her. He comforted her and held the meat to her. She grabbed it and tried to bite it, but her face ached. The boy placed his hand on top of the girl’s reddish hair.

“That man has to be stopped,” Nara said. “He has no right to beat you like that.”

“He owns us.” The girl said.

“That’s not true… well, he has control over you, but he doesn’t have control over what you do. I say we bring him down and show him that you aren’t trash.”

“I like you.” The boy smiled. “You’re the first person that I’ve ever met like you.”

“She’s only being silly.” The girl sat down and carefully looked at her face on a pot. “At least he didn’t hit near my eye like last time.”

“I know, you were blind for a whole week.”

Nara sighed and shook her head. “Oh, my name is Nara.”

“I’m Philip, and she’s Sinclair.”

“Nice to meet you both, but in all seriousness, do you two want to escape with me?”

“And where would we go?” Sinclair said.

“My home. I’ll take you both and will be my new brother and sister.”

“You lie,” Sinclair said. “We are worthless to be adopted.”

“What is this that I hear about adoption?” A woman’s voice was heard from behind the door. It opened, and a tall woman came in. She wore a long silver dress that sparkled in the light. Her face was covered by a black vail, and she held a walking stick. She lifted the vail and Nara stared at the woman's scary face. “So, what are you three talking about?”

“Nothing madam.” Both Philip and Sinclair bowed their heads to her. “We're only talking about our dreams and nothing more.”

“Children and their wishes, such wasteful minds.” The woman looked at Nara. “Emma, is this the new girl you brought?”

“Yes, sir… I mean madam.” Emma said from behind the woman.

“Hm, she is a little scrawny.” The woman walked to Nara and grabbed her hand. “Tsk, tsk, I never understood why children are this skinny. Alright, put her up front and let’s see what she does. Mr. Ball.”

The man came back and entered the room. He moved his cigar around and looked at the woman. She made a frown face, and Mr. Ball lowered his head as he removed the cigar and dropped it on the ground. He rubbed his shoe on it then picked it up and tossed it in the trashcan.

“How many times have I told you not to smoke.” She hit Mr. Ball on the back of the head.

“Par …dons. I’ll learn.”

“You always said that.” She rolled her eyes and looked back at Nara. “Let her greet the guests.”

The woman left, and Nara was able to see who Emma was. It was the same child that Nara met near the city’s entrance. Emma grinned at her and winked as she vanished in a cloud of smoke.

End of Part Five.