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Seated by the Steps of God - Part 1

So this tale came from a story of what my father told me of his country when it was in civil war. Also, among other things that I have seen and heard. It's different from most of the other stories that I have uploaded as this one is more intense and violent. Its a small portion of a novel and I plan to load up to three small chapters from it as I am still working on it.

Chapter 1

In his name

A young boy walked on a dirt path heading up a hill. The aroma of fresh flowers filled the area around him. He looked at the right side and viewed the mountain in the distance. Smoke appeared at the top of it as clouds circled around it. The boy stopped for a moment and took out an old camera from his backpack. He adjusted the lens and took a few shots of it and smiled to himself as he placed the camera back inside the pack. He continued up the hill and noticed a cloud of dust coming from the top. As the object raced downhill, the boy recognized that it was a truck that was painted dark green with a canvas on the top of it. The boy quickly hid behind a bush and peeked through it as the vehicle drove by. He saw that it was full of soldiers and they were heading to the village. The boy jumped out of the bushes and raced back home. When he arrived home, the men had gathered everyone in the town square. Everyone was frightened of the situation, and some of the children were crying. In the middle of the crowd was a man on his knees and his head was pointing down as a man dressed in a soldier’s uniform walked around him.

“Tell me where your rebel forces are, and I might let everyone live.”

The man said nothing to the soldier, which irritated him that he clubbed the man on the back of the head with his gun. “Talk you piece of shit!”

The man fell, and everyone pleaded not to kill him. The soldier shouted to control the people as he kicked the man in the stomach and yelled at him to speak. The man moaned and opened his eyes to see the boy, who was staring at him with a frightened face. The boy wanted to help, but the man slowly shook his head as to not move from where he was hiding. The man slowly got up and looked at the soldier.

“So, are you going to tell me about your operations.” The soldier crouched next to the man.

“To speak to a monster like you is useless. But your day will come when you will beg for your life.”

The soldier looked at everyone and stood up as he walked behind the man and placed the gun on the back of the head and fired. The man’s body fell forward as the blood pooled around. The soldier called out to one of his men, and a woman was pulled by the arm and was tossed in front of the man.

“You told me that I would find their base here. But all I see is nothing but worthless farmers.”

“No, that man you killed was the brother of the leader of the rebels. And he knew about their bases and operations.”

The soldier looked at the body, then at the woman. “Fuck!!!”

“I… I did as you asked. If you have forced…”

“You don’t tell me what to do.”

“I’m sorry. I only want to help.”

“And you did.” The man walked away, but the woman asked him something.

“Wait, what about my reward?”

The man stopped and spoke without turning around. “Do you want it now, or back at the capital?”


The man quickly turned and walked to the woman then fired at her head. He unloaded his pistol until it was empty. Then he ordered his men to kill everyone as he walked to the jeep. The boy stayed in his hiding place and closed his eyes as the screams and cries of the people echoed. After a while, it became silent, and the only sounds were of the boy crying softly.