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Broken Mind

A story that my sister and I were working on. Its a horror about people going insane and who should you trust. We got the idea from a game and wanted to come up with a twist of how the human mind creates things that are not there and at the same time think that what we see in real.

Whispers are heard among the static, and they spoke. “What have we done?” The voices whispered. “They are coming for us all.”

The walls began to move, and something was coming from them. A face was observed, and it opened its mouth as the static came from it. The head stirred around on the wall, and it broke through as dark red blood pooled inside the room. It reached its bony hands to someone that was standing in the middle of the room, then everything went black, and the sound of a voice calling was heard.

“Madeline, hey Madeline.” A person called out to the woman who was beginning to stir from her slumber.

A groan escaped from under the covers as she heard the persistent person calling out to her.

“What!” She yelled out as she slowly peeked out from underneath her covers.

“It’s about damn time you woke up.” A deep baritone voice boomed through the intercom. “Frank is riding up my ass about you not being here.”

“What does he want?” Madeline looked over at the screen staring at the annoyed looking older man in the video intercom.

“About you not showing up to the mandatory staff meeting.” He grumbled.

“Oh, shit…was that today?” She rubbed her hands on her face.

“Yeah, so get your ass over here NOW!” He snapped at her.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

He did not reply and signed off. Madeline kicked off the covers and jumped off the bed and quickly got ready. She left her room and headed towards the train terminal. As Madeline rode on the train, strange things appeared in front of her eyes. She closed them thinking that she was just tired and was seeing things. Suddenly someone called out her name. She looked around to see who it was but found herself sitting in the train compartment alone.

“Uh, those damn dreams again.” She mumbled to herself.

The train arrived at the destination, and Madeline got off and made her way towards the laboratory. As she walked down the hallway, she noticed a lone figure standing in front of her. It was Frank, and his face showed that he was not happy.

“Well look who decided to finally join us.” He sneered out.

She gave out a small sigh. “I apologize, Frank. I forgot that there was a meeting today.”

“Damn it, Madeline. I gave you a chance because of the potential you showed me when I first hired you. If you don’t plan on lifting your weight around here, then I’ve got no choice but to let you go! Now get in there and start working! You aren’t getting paid to just waste my time!” He snapped which caused Madeline to slightly flinch at his tone.

“I’m sorry Frank. I’ll do my best to not let it happen again.” Her tone of voice held sincerity.

“Yeah whatever, just get in there. Be careful, there’s a mess going on inside there.” He replied.

As she began to make her way towards the ship, a strange and unknown feeling entered her as if a strange force was coming from the massive ship. Madeline noticed a woman in the distance, and she called out to her.

“Hey, Nikki!” Madeline called out to the raven-haired woman. “What are you doing here?”

Nikki turned around to see Madeline making her way towards her. She gave a small smile as she saw her.

“Hello Madeline; nice seeing you here. I was actually called out to come to take a look at a few patients who are suffering from some form of dementia. And you? Are the dreams still occurring?” Nikki looked at the blonde with a questioned expression.

“The dreams seem to be getting a bit stranger but…” Before Madeline could finish her sentence, a sound echoed around them frightening the two women.

“Did you just hear that?” Nikki asked.

“It sounded as if it came from deeper inside the ship. We should investigate.” Madeline replied.

“Are you crazy? We are not security.”

“What if someone is in trouble?”

“Oh geez, are you now a cop. But you are right someone might need help.”

They both headed towards the ship and climbed into the elevator. It rode to the top, and as the two walked in the corridor, Nikki looked at the damage on the walls of the ship. There was a section of something crashed into it and left a massive hole. They continue walking down the corridor and arrive at the first door. There the door was suddenly opened, and a man appeared who was covered in blood. He was mumbling some strange things and looking abnormal. As he looked up, he noticed the women, and suddenly charged at Madeline with a sharp object. Madeline was able to push him off, and Nikki grabbed him from the back and shoved him off.

“What is wrong with you?” Nikki looked over the bloody man.

Without any warning, the man once again lunged at them but this time towards Nikki. He stabbed her in the left shoulder causing the woman to scream in agony. He continued to thrust the object on Nikki over and over causing her to cry out in pain. Madeline searched for something to fight off the crazed man. Her eyes caught a glimpse of what looked like a rivet gun resting on top of the barrels left by the workers. She grabbed hold of the rivet gun and pointed it at the man, then fired. With one shot to the back of the man’s head, he released the weapon and drop hard onto the floor. Nikki cried and screamed as she grabbed hold of her bloody shoulder and tried to pull out the sharp object that was left inserted into her bone.

“Madeline help me!” She yelled.

She ran over to Nikki and helped her up, then they both began to make their way towards an adjacent medical room. Inside the office was a bed that was covered with something black. Madeline looked at it and asked what it was.

“I have no clue,” Nikki responded. “I’m starting to feel weak.”

“Hang in there.”

Madeline helped Nikki on the bed then searched for something to stop the bleeding. She found an old box that had some of the aid. She grabbed it and opened a bottle then poured it on the wound. Nikki moaned and laid down as Madeline placed the cloth on the wound. She grabbed a medical gun from the box and clamped it closed.

“That should stop the bleeding, but you lost a lot of blood, and I need to get you to the medical faculty. Are you able to walk?”

“Give me some time. I just need to rest a bit.”

A strange sound was heard outside, and Madeline peeked outside in the dark hallway. The noise was eerie, and Madeline wanted to leave, but Nikki was in no condition to move.

“Listen to me, Nikki. I’m going to go get help. You just wait for me and…”

“I’m not going to stay here alone.” Nikki slowly sat up. “I don’t want to die here.”

“You’re not. I'm only going to get help.”

“Don’t you dare leave me here.” Nikki looked at Madeline. “This was your crazy idea and fault. Also, there's something wrong here, and I don’t want to find out what it is.”