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The Sapphire Fruit

The book is being edited and I wanted to upload just the prologue. Its a big difference from the first one I edited myself versus one that the editor told me to do some changes. There might be a few more changes here and there as I am still reviewing what needs to be added or remove, but for now enjoy a small bit of the story.

The Prologue

A long time ago, there was a great Sorceress named Alya that traveled the world to learn about the cultures and history of others. During her travels, she encountered three young orphan girls. One had reddish-brown hair, the other light brown and the youngest one white. She took them in and raised them as her own. The three girls grew up as sisters, and as time went on, the Sorceress tutored them in her craft; they became very skillful at it. Whenever they reached a town, they would use their skills on those that sought help. One day, the oldest of the three had completed her apprenticeship and was allowed to venture out into the world. The other two continued with their studies, but they too desired to travel the world. One day, the youngest was in the Sorceress’s room cleaning, and she discovered an old book. Curiosity got to her that she opened the book and began to read it. She came upon a page that spoke about a unique fruit that would grant any wish. She told her sister about it, and they both agreed to create the fruit, so youngest crept into the Sorceress’s room and stole the book. The two sisters gathered the ingredients and began the process of creating the fruit. However, it was a difficult task to do. To produce the fruit, it required a great deal of energy and the ability to heat and cool the items at the same time. It took the talents of both sisters to create the fruit, but they were able to do it and were pleased with what they had accomplished. As the sisters looked at what they created, they argued as to who should have the first wish. The Sorceress heard the commotion and went to see what was happening. When she entered the room, both sisters were using their spells against each other. The youngest basted fire, but her sister blocked it with a wall of ice, then she tried to electrocute the youngest. When they were not able to hit each other, they transformed into beasts and charged at each other. The Sorceress became angry at their fighting that she encased them inside a caged and stopped the fight. The Sorceress asked what was going on, but they said nothing. The Sorceress noticed the fruit on the table and grabbed it. She held it towards them and asked who stole the book. The middle sister began to blame the youngest with the white hair and stated that it was her idea. The Sorceress asked the youngest if it was the truth, she nodded while staring at the ground. The young sister told the Sorceress everything; she would take the punishment. The Sorceress smiled and handed the fruit to the youngest and said that the wishes were hers. She thanked the Sorceress, but the middle sister with light brown hair was not thrilled and stole the fruit. She tried to make a request, but the fruit never granted it. Seeing that the fruit was not meant for her, but she still did not want her younger sister to have it, she hid it inside a tapestry. The Sorceress was upset with the middle sister and threw her out. The girl pleaded for forgiveness, but the Sorceress would not listen to her words. So, the middle sister packed her things and walked into the wilderness. The youngest watched her sister leave, wishing she had never discovered the book or conjured the fruit. As the middle sister vanished into the world, the youngest sought to find the fruit to undo her actions. However, the task would create more troubles than she realized.