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The Kings of Old. A Prequel to The Sapphire Fruit

This is a new novel that I am working on, this novel takes place about 800 years before the birth of Amethyst. There will be some mention of some characters that appear in the Amethyst saga like Azu and some other ones that I don't want to spoil the story. It is crazy that I am working on six different stories at the same time. I know that I should only focus on one thing but its a bit difficult would some many stories come to mind.


The smell of burning wood and the sound of guns echoed throughout the forest. A strange creature hid in the bushes as four armed men walked passed it. Once they were gone, the beast left and avoided detection. It reached the edge of the forest and looked into the distance. There a person covered in a reddish hoodie stood at the edge of the high cliffs and stared at the high waves that crashed into the cliffs as a storm appeared on the horizon. It was a woman, who had her head covered by a cloak, and she held something in her arms. It was a baby, and it yawned as the woman smiled at it. Someone whispered from behind, and she turned her head to looked at a beast. The beast appeared to be bat-like and had large wings. It held a spear in one hand as blood dripped from the handle.

“They are coming, and we must do it now before it is too late.” The bat said in a deep voice.

The woman looked at the baby and gently caressed its cheek. “There must be some other way.”

“It was foretold that this day would come and there is nothing we can do. You must make the choice of either letting the child die by their hands or to live a normal life.”

“Why do they want the baby? Is he the new king?”

“I was never told. But we are running out of time, what is your decision?”

“A normal life.”

“Then I will contact them.”

The bat limped towards the edge and struck the spear on the ground, then it pulled out a gun and aimed it in the sky. It fired a flare as the woman gently cradled the child and placed it inside a basket, then closed the lid. She whispered a phrase and a light came over the cover. As soon as she stepped back, and a ship arrived from above the clouds. As the flying vessel came closer to them, a man walked out to the deck and waved at the woman. She bowed her head, and the basket was beamed onto the ship, then it went back up and zoomed into the sky.

“Be safe, and may you return to your birthright.”

“Quickly, we must-”

A shot was heard, and the bat blocked it as armed men came from inside the forest. They aimed their guns at the bat and shouted to stand down. The bat roared at them and pulled out the spear then rushed towers them. He slashed several of them as some fired at the bat. The bullets hit him, and he fell to the ground. They were about to kill him off when a woman shouted to not to kill him. She stepped in front of the bat, and he looked at her. The woman had long blue hair, and her red eyes glowed. Her skin was dark, and her face was covered with a white tattoo that formed a star on her face. Her ears appeared somewhat like a deer’s ear as one twitched. The elf placed her hand on the bat’s face, and he felt the metal fingers on his skin.

“Where is the child?” The elf said in a soft voice.


The elf slowly ran her metal fingers on the bat’s neck, and a bit of blood came out. She stood up and looked at the woman with the cloaked. “Answer me, is the child’s life really that important that you would sacrifice yourself?”

“My life is devoted to the true king and not your wicked warlord. It shames me that you would betray your kind for someone like her.”

“They are not my kind.” The elf said as she walked closer to the woman. “They abandoned me, my family and everyone that served them. Therefore they are not my kind only elves masquerading as humans. I, on the other hand, am true elven.”

The woman removed the hood, and she had feathers that covered her head that appeared like hair. Her hands were large, and her fingernails were claws. She looked at the elf and spread her arms. Her wings rose up, and one of them was broken, and some of the feathers were missing.

“So, he did hit you.”

“And you came to finish it. So, do it and finish your task.”

“What a pity. I admired your kind, and to have you stand beside me would have been amazing. You are my equal and seeing a harpy helping a human is something so rare that it must mean something important.” The woman made a moaning sound and gagged. The elf leaned closer to the harpy’s ear and whispered. “I will spare your life for now.”

The harpy fell on the ground and elf lifted her hand as the soldiers grabbed the harpy. As they took the woman away, the elf noticed something it in the air. She held her wrist up which had a device. A display popped up, and it showed the flying ship and where it went.

“My, I that is an old one. So, Lona is part of this.”

“Captain Katja, there’s a call for you.”

“Whoever it is, tell them that I’m busy.”

“But it’s Ragnhild.”

Katja sighed and nodded as she pressed a few buttons on her wrist and a silhouette of a woman appeared. Katja bowed her head and reported to the woman about the captured of the harpy and of the child’s escape.