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A science fiction story

Just a small sample of a novel that I'm working on, but leaving it alone as I'm working on six others at the moment. Once one of the six is done, I will return and start finish this one. I got the idea from a scene from Blade Runner 2049 in which Officer K crashed in a waste land with those kids and the man that holds them.

A Forgotten Mind


A blinding light flashed in front of someone’s eyes, and as their eyes slowly adjusted to it, an outline of a man stood in front of them. The person was not able to see who it was as a man walked around and asking questions about something, but the man’s voice was muffled. The eyes closed and fragments of memories flashed in front of them. The sound of a gunshot resonated and a red shade filled the view. Dogs barking echoed in the background while someone shouted in a foreign language. Another memory flashed, and a small child could be seen running around in a playground, suddenly the child laid on the ground on top of a pool of blood. Two bloody hands were observed and a woman screaming in horror at what befell on the child. The view changed and someone was running away from the police while they fired their weapons. The muffled voice spoke again, and the bright room returned. The man’s face was more precise, he had a beard with a scar on his right side of the face. His head was shaved, and his dark skin was dotted with small black specs. The man leaned closer to the person, and there was anger in the man’s brown eyes. The man said something, but his words could not be understood. He shook the person violently and yelled, then another voice was heard from somewhere. The man stood up and walked to a door, then someone entered the room. As the other person came into view, it was a woman, and she wore a white uniform with red heels. The woman bent closer to the person and was able to see the woman’s face. She appeared to be in her late thirties and had reddish hair. Her light green eyes moved around as she studied the person that sat in front of her. She turned her head and spoke something to the man. While her head was facing the man, there was a small object in the back of her neck. It had a light that pulsated, and it made a strange sound. The voice of the woman was muffled, and she looked back at the person and asked a question. She lifted her hand and placed it on the side of the head. A clicked was heard, and her voice became more evident, but a spark came from her hand, and everything turned black. Another memory flashed, and a gun could be seen in the distance as a voice shouted to drop to the ground. The person did not comply, and an object flew towards the sound and flashes of light appeared. A loud thump reverberated as blood flowed down. Footsteps were heard as one of them stepped on the white blood. A voice was heard as it spoke to someone. “It’s down. I repeat it’s down.”

Chapter one

My name is…

The smell of rotten flesh and blood burned in the distance as a large dump truck drove by a pile of rubble. It pulled near the edge, and the back of the bed began to lift up. It opened a door and trash fell into a giant hole. Once it was done, it drove off and a light shined over the mess it was half full and random junk was seen. As the beam moved, it stopped on a strange article that stuck out from the trash. The entity twitched, and it was a finger. As it shifted, a hand appeared followed by an arm and shoulder. Another hand emerged, and something tried to pull itself from trash. A head popped out and someone gasping for air appeared. The light turned into a red color, and something moved overhead. A massive claw stepped over into the hole, and it dropped down to grabbed the trash. It pulled everything and released it on the side of the chasm. A man walked to the pile and saw the head of someone underneath the rubble. The head moved, and the person slowly climbed out of the trash. It was a woman, and her clothing was torn, and a blue stain covered parts of her skin and clothing. She was dark skin and her body built was muscular. The woman had her eyes closed, and she placed her hand on her head. She opened her eyes and looked at the man standing in front of her, whose seemed odd because his skin appeared plastic. He had no hair, and half of his face was burned that underneath it, she was able to see lights.

“What… where am I?”

“In the city dump.” The man responded with a voice that sounded machine-like.

“Dump?” The woman looked around and saw the landfill. “Why am I here?”

“I do not know. The scanners detected a life form inside the hole. I can investigate what it was, and I found you.” The man observed the woman and saw a bullet hole in her leg. “Were they trying to kill you?”


“Your leg. You have a gunshot, and your blood is blue. That is strange for a human.”

The woman looked at the wound and saw the hole. She reached to touched it but stopped when she noticed a strange marking on the back of her left hand. It appeared to be some type of bar code with unfamiliar words and a series of numbers around it. She touched it, and the pattern vanished.

“Do you need medical assistance?” The man asked.

“Huh? No, I’m fine. But do you have extra clothing.”

“Yes, please follow me.”

The man walked to a small building as the woman followed him. They entered the building, and someone was inside surveying the monitors. The man introduced the woman to the person, who was another man and had the same plastic skin. He went to get the clothing while the other man asked the same question as to why she was at the dump.

“I don’t remember.” She rubbed her hand on the arm. “I just have these random dreams of loud noises and the smell of fire.”

“Odd, we should report this to the authorities.”

“No, please, I don’t want them to find me in this state.”

“Here.” The man had returned with a red jumpsuit. “I am sorry but this is all we have, and it might not fit you very well.”

“It’s fine. As long as it covers me.”

The woman grabbed the suit and went to change. She went inside the washroom and looked at the mirror. It was the first time that she saw her face, which was not familiar to her. She looked at her hair which was a fade blue, and her eyes were hazel. She placed her hand on her face as if the person she was looking at was not herself. She saw that the marking had appeared, so she looked at it and studied the numbers and letters. Something echoed in her head as she touched a number followed by a message. The bar code changed into a green color and asked to input a numeral ID. She pressed a set, and the tone changed red and said invalid code. While the woman was busy studying the bar code, a silent alarm went off outside the compound. The man that was watching the screens saw a group of strange machines walking into the landfill. He reported it to his coworker, but there was no response from him. The man changed the screens to look for him and found his body pinned to a rod. The man got up and walked to the room and knocked on the door.

“Stay in here and do not come out.”

“What do you mean?” The woman opened the door and saw that he was gone. She walked to the monitors and saw the machines. Seeing them gave her a strange reaction that she grabbed a pipe that was on the floor and ran outside. She hid in the shadows and avoided being detected. She ducked inside a tunnel and saw the man that helped her pinned to an iron rod. His blood was white, and it pooled to the ground as his friend came to see him. He placed his hand on the face and pushed something. It came off and fell to the ground. The man grabbed a small item from the dead body and ran off as a group of machines chased him. The woman watched in the shadows, and when it was clear, she ran away from the landfill. She wondered in the streets of a strange city which seemed alien to her. Screens of deadly androids were showed on them and spoke of a terrorist attack on a government building. The sound of sirens echoed in the city and the woman avoid them as she walked down a dark alley. She stopped near an abandoned building and went inside. She climbed a set of stairs and rested near a window to view the city’s streets. She watched a broadcast which was of the attack. A man with a mustache stood in front of the camera and was reporting the incident. The camera moved to show the soldiers ready to breach the building. A scream was heard, and the camera panned to it. There a woman was held at gunpoint which an android held it. The woman pleaded with the android, but it did not listen to her. A red light moved towards the Android and the head burst. The woman screamed as she ducked then the whole floor of the building exploded and debris fell everywhere. Mayhem erupted as everyone scattered from the chaos. The screen changed, and a message appeared. The woman looked away and wondered where she was and why she was not able to remember anything. She laid down and hugged her legs as it began to rain outside. A while later, an odd sound came from inside the building. The woman woke up and listened to the noise. She sat up and went to see what it was. She walked down the stairwell and looked into the darkness. The hum stopped, but she knew that there was someone inside the building. She quietly went down and checked each of the offices. The inside of the building was empty with just a few desks or chairs around the area. She stopped at the last room and noticed that the door was locked. She peeked through the keyhole and saw that there was someone inside. The person stood by the window and was watching outside. The woman left and headed higher of the building. She walked into a room and was about to lock it when she felt something behind her.

“Don’t move or I’m going to shot.”

The woman lifted her hands up. “I’m not looking for any trouble.”

“Why are you here?”

“Listen, just let me go and…”

“I asked why you are here.”

“I’m only looking for a place to rest and find who I am.” She lowered her hands. “I just woke up in a landfill and don’t remember anything.”

The person slowly walked in front of the woman, and she saw that the person had their face covered with a black scarf. The woman looked at the person and noticed that it was a young girl. She had short black hair and wore a hat what had bullets on the rim. She wore a long red coat that had patches on it. Her red finger-less glove was red which she held a six-shooter. Her blue eyes shimmered in the night light as she studied the woman in front of her.

“Can’t be too sure about the people around here.” The young girl lowered the gun. “So, you got anything valuable on you?’

“No, just what I’m wearing.”

She looked at the red jumpsuit which was loose on the woman. She smirked and shook her head as she put away the gun. “You’re lucky that my little sister is here with me.”

“I don’t see her.”

“That because she’s hiding. So, you lost your memory? Do you know anything that happened to you?”

“No, just random memories of something strange.”

“Bummer, well, you seem harmless, so come on. Oh, by the way, I’m Dodger.”


“Yeah, like that book about a kid that becomes friends with another kid named Dodger and they try to con someone… never mind. Anyways, you won’t know your name would you?”

“No.” The woman shook her head.

“Well, I guess I can call you blue.”

“Blue? Why call me that?”

“Your hair, which by the way is cool looking.”

The woman placed her hand on her head. “Thanks.”

They both went down and went to the door that was locked. Dodger knocked on it, and someone spoke from the other side. She told them to open the door and that she had company.

“Friend or Foe?”

“She’s a friend.” Dodger looked at Blue.

“You could be lying.”

“Just open up.”


“Fine, then I’m going to eat all of these candies.”

The door was unlocked, and it opened. A little girl stood there with a bat in the air as she looked at Dodger then at the woman behind her.

“Relax, squirt. She’s friendly. That’s my kid sister, Oliver.” Dodger walked by her and sat down on an old couch.

“It’s Olivia.” She looked at the woman. “Hey, you looked strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“There's something odd. I don’t know. You just look strange.” Olivia walked to Dodger and sat next to her and stared at the items inside the bag.

“Have a seat, blue.”

“Thank you.” She walked inside and looked out the window.

“Something wrong?” Dodger asked.

“Did you see the news about that attack?”

“Yeah, those crazy android killings is making it worse for us. I mean why do it in front of everyone? If you want to knock someone out just do it.”

“They wanted to let everyone see what they are capable.”

“Yeah right. Anyways, those machines are making it harder to be accepted into this world and that means more jobs for hunting them down.”


“That’s what Dodger wants to be a hunter,” Olivia said. “We came from the outskirts of the city to become Hawkers.”


“One that hunts rogue androids. Like that one that killed the councilwoman.” Dodger said as she took off her cap and scratched her head. “Hey, maybe you can join us? It makes good money.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know who I am or where I came from.”

“Suit yourself.” Dodger yawned. “Well, I’m hitting the hey. Tell me if anything happens.”

“Hey what am I going to eat?”


Dodger tossed a bag at Olivia. As she ate, Blue looked at her and wondered if she had any family. She sat down and rested her head on the edge of the couch. Blue dozed off for a while but was startled by a dream, and she woke up looking at Olivia, who was touching her hand with the bar code.

“What are you doing?” Blue covered her hand.

“I know that code.”


“I’m a hacker.” She whispered and looked at Dodger, who was snoring. “I was the one that got us in here, but don’t tell her that.”


“She’ll just tell you that it was her that got us in here.”