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Changing a few things

So, it has been two weeks since I posted a story and I was stuck on what to write about. I have deiced to come up with themes for each month. So ever month will be a theme that is related to that month. For this month, I will write about work, school and other things as its the beginning of school when I went to school a long time ago. Most of the stories will be realistic so nothing fantasy... maybe a fantasy here and there, but nothing so over the top. The first one of this month is about vacation since this it is a three day weekend.

Not according to Plan

The day was coming to an end, and William looked at the clock as he was counting down the minutes. He had waited all week for the three-day weekend and had everything planned out. However, plans never go according to plan and William was going to learn the hard way. While his focus was on the clock, a coworker walked by and asked him a question.

“Hey Will, do you have the data on the breach that happened last week?”

“What?” He looked at the woman.

“The breach that caused all that data leak.”

“Oh right,” William began to scramble for the folder. “Yeah, I have it here somewhere.”

“Jack’s going to kill you if you lost the data.”

“I have it.” He moved some papers and lifted a box. Underneath it was the folder. “See, I have it here.”

“Thanks.” The woman smiled. “So, you seem to be staring at the clock and acting as if you were still in school. Big plans?”

“Yeah. I’m taking my family to this great camping place in the mountains. It’s been a long time since I did that with Nina and the kids.”

“That’s cool, and how are the little monster’s doing?”

“Carly, they’re not that bad.”

“Hey, you always come telling me how tough life is with them.”

“Kids are just a bit of a handful that’s all.”

“You keep telling yourself that. Mom, always said that having kids is not easy.”

Carly left, and William stared at the clock. There was still twenty minutes left, so he decided to finish up the rest of a report. By the time it was five o’clock, William was shutting down his pc and was collecting the last folders to place them inside a bin. As he walked away from his desk, his boss came over with a handful of envelopes.

“Oh William, good thing I got you before you head out can you finish these last reports. They have to be done before Tuesday morning.”

“But Rick, I—”

“I know that the three-day weekend is here, but this must be done before you leave.”

“Alright.” William grabbed the folders and gave them a quick glance.

“It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so to get them done.”

Rick left as William sat down and stared at the folders. He signed and turned on the computer. An hour later, William was heading down the empty corridor and dropped the envelopes into a bin, then went to the elevators. He pressed the button and waited. The doors opened, and William got inside as he pulled out his phone and called his wife.

“Hey Nina, sorry that I’m running late. No, I had something to finish up, but I’m done. Sure, I—” The elevator trembled and the lights dimmed. “What? Oh, sure I will get it.”

William stared at the lights as the elevator stopped and the doors opened. He saw that it was on the fourth floor, so he was about to push the button but thought about using the stairs. By the time William made it to the underground parking lot, there was no other car in the building. He got in the car and started it, but the engine would not turn on. William sighed and gripped the handle, then lost it as he began to bang his head against the horn.

“Why now?”

He pulled a lever to pop the hood. He examined the inside, and everything seemed to be in its place. The battery was new as he got it last Saturday. He closed the hood and grabbed his phone to dial his wife. It rang and went to voicemail.

“Wonderful.” He looked up. “Great way to start the weekend.”

He dialed another number and asked for a lift. He walked out of the garage and went through the small doorway. The streets were busy and pack as many were heading home or on their way to their vacation. William sat down on a bench and waited for his ride. About an hour later he was home, William saw that his wife was outside watering the flowers. He walked to her and gave her a hug.

“Will, what happened?”

“The car won’t turn on. So, I need to wait until Tuesday to get it towed to the mechanic.”

“I’ve been telling you to get a new one.”

“We can’t afford one right now. Still paying yours off which will take some time.”

“How about a used one that is in better condition?”

“Let’s just drop it and worry about it later. Are you and the kids packed?”

“Yes, they should be waiting inside.”

“Alright, I’ll get everything into the car.”

“Will, if you don’t feel good, we can skip the trip and—”

“No way, I’ve been looking forward to this, and I’m not going to back down.”

“If you say so.” Nina went back to watering the flowers.

William entered the house and saw his son playing on the console. He watched his son shouting at the tv complaining that he shot the monster in the head.

“That was a perfect shot.” He shouted and gripped the controller tighter. “This game is cheating.”

“Jerry, you got everything you need?”

“Yeah.” He answered without looking at his father.

“Kids these days.”

William walked to find his daughter, who was in the backyard playing inside the tree house. He called out to her, and she poked out her head from the window.

“Daddy.” She smiled. “You’re late.”

“Sorry sweetie, had car trouble and needed to stay a little longer at work. Do you have everything that you need?”

“Yes, daddy.” She climbed down the rope ladder. “It’s all inside that box over there.”

“William turned his head and saw that massive cardboard box.

“Lori, we can’t take that with us.”

“Why not?” She walked to the box.

“Well for starters,” He grabbed several plushies. “You only need one toy and not everything from your room. I mean look at this. Ten coloring books, six dolls—”

“And their accessories.”

“Yeah, their things. Honey, where we’re going you’re not going spend your time with them.”

“What are we going to do there?”

“A lot of activities. When I was about your age, my grandpa took me, your aunt and uncle to fish, hike, sit around a campfire and sleep on the stars.”

“Sounds like a lot of hard work.” Lori made a sad face.

“It’s not, and you’re going to love it. Now, come on, we got a long journey.”

They both entered, and William saw that his son was still playing the game. “Jerry shut the console and help me bring the luggage to the car.”

“Oh man, do I have to?”

“Yes, now move it.”

Jerry turned off the system and tv then went to help his father. They packed everything into the car and were finally heading out. By the time they reached a hotel, it was eleven and William was looking at a map. He calculated that they would be at the camping site for four hours.

“What time we leaving?” Nina asked as she laid down.

“Four in the morning.”

“You got to be crazy. Why so early?”

“There’s going to be a long line, and I want to be there first. Also, this will make up the time we lost.”

Nina sighed. “Alright, goodnight.”


The next day, everyone was up, and the children were asleep in the back of the car. Nina looked at the map and noticed that there was a shortcut to the campsite. She told William, and he looked at it.

“We will save some time if we take it.”

“Yeah, but I’ve never been on that road before.”

“Well, it’s up to you.”

“It’s an hour less driving there.” William thought to himself. “Let’s do it.”

He turned on the right and followed the road. It was peaceful but short lived as the front tire popped. William squeezed his grip on the wheel as he tried to keep the car under control. Once the vehicle stopped, he got out and check on the ripped tire. There was nothing of it only the rim. William kicked and cursed as he walked to the back of the car. He pulled out the spare and rolled it to the front. While he replaced the tire, his family got out and looked at where they were. Nina viewed the scenery and saw a river down below.

“Will, how about we explore this place? There’s a river we can check out.”

“No, we have to make time. Wasting it right now while fixing this.”

The children ran down to the river and searched for things on the bank. Jerry found an old license plate that was rusted on one side. He poked at it with a stick, and something moved from below it. Jerry flipped it, and there was a small turtle. He called his sister and pointed to the turtle. Nina went to see what they found and looked at the colorful turtle.

“Can we keep it?” Jerry asked.

“No, honey. It lives here and would be a terrible thing to take it away from its home. How would you feel if someone took you away from your home?”


“Nina, kids. I'm finished. Let's get back on the road.”

They got back in the car and headed to their destination. However, when they reached the end of the road, it was blocked by debris.

“You got to be joking.” William laughed. “First my boss giving all that work, my car doesn’t start, the ripped tire and now this.”

“Will, it’s okay.” Nina placed her hand on his arm. “It’s only a setback. Just turn around and take a long way.”

William laid his head on the wheel. “We going to be there late.”

“How about another place?” Jerry said.

“This is the only place that has everything.”

“Then it was not meant to be.” Nina looked at the debris. “Plans never go to plan. We can always go there some other time if we can’t do it this week.”

“Fine, but I was hoping to go there this year.”

“Well, give it a shot. Maybe we will make it on time. But I don’t see how being late there will not be any sites.”

“It's not that.” William turned his head and back to the car. “There’s a time set for all the events, and I wanted the kids to see it all.”

“Going on vacation is about having fun and not following schedules.”

“Your right.”