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A late night post.

A little late but its still Sunday night. Was busying and almost forgot to upload the story.

Unexpected Events

Vince stared at his reflection to see if he had any breakouts. His face was bright, and he smiled at himself. While he looked at his reflection, his little brother was watching him.

“What are you doing?”

“Going on a date, little man.” He answered without looking away.

“With who?”

“Nobody important.”

“Then why going on a date?”

“Clark.” A woman called for downstairs.

“Mom’s calling you.”

Clark left, and Vince grabbed his toothbrush. He cleaned his teeth for several minutes until he was not able to feel any plaque. Afterward, he changed into his clothes and headed downstairs. His mother was by the front door and was speaking to someone. Vince saw that it was his uncle and cousin.

“Hello, Vince.” His uncle waved his hand.

“Hey, uncle Max. Sup Ralph.”

“Sup,” Ralph answered.

“Where you off to?” Max asked.

“Going on a date.” Vince looked at his watch. “Going to see Slayers.”

“No way,” Ralph shouted. “I wanted to go there today.”

“Your too young to go to those places,” Max said.

“Man, that sucks.” Ralph kicked his foot on the floor.

“I have an idea.” Vince’s mother said. “Why not take Ralph with you?”

“What?” Both boys answered.

“Yeah the would be great, but I don’t think Vince wants someone else coming with him on his date.” Max winked at him.

“He's not going alone there. His friends are all going as well.”

“But mom, I only got two tickets and—”

“I’m sure they have more at the booth.” Vince’s mother walked to a table and grabbed her purse. She pulled out some cash and gave it to Vince. “Here, I will buy his ticket.”

“Oh Jen, you don’t have to do that. I will pay for it.”

“It's okay, Max. I owe you for last time.”


Vince sighed and shook his head as he and his cousin walked outside. Vince’s mother shouted not to come home late, and he waved his hand. Both boys reached the stadium and Vince saw a girl sating on the rail. She wore black jeans that were torn on the knees and a red jacket. Her hair was hidden under a black beany with a logo of the rock band on it. Vince called out to her, and she turned her head. She smiled and waved as she climbed down the rail.

“Hi, Vince.”

“Hey, Susan.”

“Who’s the kid?”

“Oh, this is my cousin, Ralph. My mom wanted him to come along.”



“Well yeah, its great that you spend time with your family.” Susan smiled and punched Vince in the arm. “Come on let’s go.”


“You let your girlfriend hit you?”

“What! No… I mean she’s not my girlfriend, just a friend.”

“Then how is this a date? I thought—”

“Shut up. I haven’t asked her yet.”

“Ahh. So, you were going to ask Susan to be your girlfriend. Wow, you sure like to do things dramatically.”

“Hey, timing is everything. You can’t just rush into and get bricked.”


“Hey, you two come on,” Susan shouted.

Both boys ran to her and Vince walked to the ticket booth to buy the ticket. As he waited in line, Ralph asked Susan what she thought of Vince.

“He’s a nice guy. Always thinking about everyone else and helping out. Last time we hung out his brought is little brother and went to see this horror movie. His brother held my hand the entire time while we watched the movie.” Susan giggled. “Poor kid, he almost wet his pants on one scene and Vince needed to take him to the bathroom.”

“Wow. Well, Clark was always a scary cat.”

Vince returned but had an upset face. “Hey Ralph sorry but the tickets are sold out.”

“Oh man.”

“That sucks,” Susan said. “So, what you going to do?”

“Guess I’ll be going back home. See you later Vince.”

“No, wait.” Susan grabbed his hand. “Vince, how about you two going together?”

“B… but I want us to see it.”

“I know, but your cousin likes this group. So, go with him.”

Vince stood there not sure what to do.

“Its okay you to go on,” Ralph said. “Also, Vince has something to tell you.”

“Really? What?” She looked at Vince.

He stood there with his mouth opened and moved his eyes around. Ralph made a gesture with his hands to say something, but Vince only made sounds.

“Vince, what you going to tell me.”

“Hey, you three come here.” A man called out to them.

They looked at the man, who was a cowboy hat. He had a beard that reached his chest that was black. They walked to him, and he smiled at them.

“I heard your situation, and I can help you out.”

“No thanks,” Vince said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t buy scalped tickets.”

“You think I’m going to sell you some tickets?” The man laughed. “Yeah, I do look like a scalper, but I’m not. I need some help as some of the crew are not here yet. And I thought if you three would like to help out and get backstage access?”

All three were surprised and answered yes.

“Great. Here puts these on and follow me.”

They placed their badges on and followed the man to a truck. He handed them a few cables and lights as a few things were missing on the stage. While they walked to the scene, the man told them that the truck broke down and rented another one, but it came late.

“Glad you three were standing there. Otherwise, this concert was going to be a delay.”

Once they finished setting up the stage, the three stood on the side and saw the band walking from the other side and took their spot to begin their performance. Ralph shouted as one of the band members asked if everyone was ready. The crowd roared, and the band started to play. As the band played their famous number, Susan asked Vince what he wanted to ask her. He looked at her and smiled.