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A journal entry

I know I'm a little late posting about the first day of school, but hey at lest it up. I wrote the story as if it were a journal entry. Makes it easier to write in first person as my brain is still in third person. Hard to switch from one point of view to another. My brain is a bit slow.

The First Day

September 7:

My first week at high school. Starting high school was something I was not expecting this soon. Sunday afternoon, I was with my parents getting new clothes and shoes. I was sitting on a bench trying on a pair of sneakers. My mom pressed the tips and looked at me. She asked if they were tight or loose. I looked at the shoes and moved my foot inside. I told her they were fine. She smiled and looked for my dad, who was tying my sister’s shoelace. She was excited about going to the third grade. She was telling dad what things she would do and the new things she would learn. I, on the other hand, wasn't so excited about starting high school. Not many of my friends were heading to the same school, even my best friend was going to another. I looked around the store, seeing all the other kids and their parents buying back to school supplies.

After we got the clothes and shoes, we walked to another part of the store to get paper, pencils, pens and anything else needed for class. Dad tried cheering me up, and it helped a bit.

As we headed home, we got take out, which was pizza. I only had two slices, and mom asked if I was feeling well. I told her that I was nervous and lost my appetite.

As I brushed my teeth, mom was placing the clothes in the closet and told me to set the alarm. I hummed as I continued to bush my teeth.

Laying down, I was getting more nervous, but told myself that everything will be great. Too bad that I spend most of the night tossing and turning, I don’t know when I fell asleep, but the next thing I know my alarm went off and I opened my eyes. I thought to myself if only it were still Sunday or Saturday. I got up and changed then headed to the kitchen to eat. My sister was already there playing with her food and dad trying to feed her. He looked at me and smile, saying good morning. He asked if I was ready for the big day. I took a deep breath and said ‘yeah.’

Dad took me to school and told me to make new friends and to watch out for any kids that are troublemakers and to use common sense. The more he told me those things, the more I became scared. I felt as if I was going to prison. I held my bag so tight that the strap left a mark on my hand.

When we arrived at the school, I looked out the window seeing all the other kids. It was easy to see who were the new kids and old. The new kids would be dressed differently and have a face of fresh meat written on them. As for the old, there was a group of older kids sitting on the steps near the entrance, laughing at the new kids and saying things to them.

I looked back at my dad and shook my head as if I didn’t want to go. The next thing I knew, I was walking to the front gates. I made sure not to make eye contact with any of the older kids and avoided them as much as possible.

I walked to a large building, where all the other new students were heading too. I took a seat in the back and looked at the other kids. Some have friends with them, and others made new friends. I just mind my business until a kid sat next to me. He waved his hand at me, and I did the same thing. He asked me if I wanted some gum. I said sure, and from that moment, I made a new friend. His name is Ken. Funny thing, he came from the same middle school, I graduated. Small world.

Most of the classes were cool, and some of the teachers were helpful and others, like just say not everyone really cares.

I wasn't too sure about going to a new school, but I’m glad I did. Wonder how this semester is going to be and what things will happen.

Mom's calling as its dinner time. Guess that's all for tonight’s entry for this week. Until next time, see you next Friday night.