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Last Tale for September

So, its the last one and I thought about the chocolates that the kids sell during this time of the year. Seeing how everyone enjoys those bars, I thought it would be fun to write a story about it. Next Sunday is going to be fun as I will be writing scary stories. Got a few that will be great to tell others about.

The Last Bar

There was a large group by one of the cubicles, and a woman was handing out chocolate bars. She had six boxes and finished all of them. As the group left, a man walked by and asked if there were any more bars.

“Just one, but I was saving it for—”

“I was here first and whoever it was for did not show up.” The man smiled.

“Well…Terry told me to save one.”

“Terry can go buy more.”

The woman looked at him. “Fine.”

They exchanged, and the man walked away with the bar. As the woman sat down to work, Terry came running from the elevator and headed to his desk. He turned the computer and walked over to the woman, who was selling the chocolate bars.

“Morning Bell.”

“Morning. Running late like always.” She smiled.

“Ugh. My car was acting up. Thought I would not make it, but my wife dropped me off.” Terry rested his elbow on the cubicle. “So, how many bars did you sell?”

“All of them.”

“Wow, guess everyone loves them. Sad that it only comes once a year.”

“Yup. Oh, I sold yours to Mike.”

“What? Why?”

“He was here and—”

“I told you to save one for me.”

“I know, but Mike is our boss and—”

“It's fine.” Terry sighed.

“Hey, I will bring more tomorrow.”

“OK, but don’t tell anyone.”

“What?” Another woman was overhearing their conversation. “What you guys talking about?”

“Nothing Nance.”

Terry walked back to his desk and began to work. The day went by, and by the time it was lunch, Terry was outside heading to eat. He stopped by a shop and ordered himself a sandwich. While eating, Terry saw a couple eating the chocolate bars. He craved for one and asked the man where they bought it.

“There’s a man with his kid selling it by the supermarket it.”

He thanked the man and raced to the supermarket. But by the time he made it there, they were sold out. Terry sighed and returned to his cubicle.

When the clock read five, everyone was heading out. Mike was walking by eating the bar and Terry frown at him. Inside the car, Terry got a call from his wife telling him to buy sugar and eggs. He quickly headed to the store and grabbed the items. While he waited in line, a little girl was walking around with the box of chocolates. Terry walked to her and asked if she was selling some. The girl opened the box, but it was empty.

“What?” Terry whispered to himself.

He went back in line, paid for the items and headed to his car.

“What a day.” He thought. “There are no more chocolates. It’s as if I’m Jinx.”

At home, his wife was baking a cake and was tasting it. Terry entered the house and placed the bag on the counter.

“Hey come here.” She said.


“I want you to try this.” She cut a small piece and gave it to Terry. He bit it and chewed it in his mouth slowly. “So, what do you think?”

“It needs something.”

“Like what?”

“Some type of kick.”

“It’s a cake, not chili.” She shook her head. “Maybe some vanilla. So, what was work?”

“Same thing.” Terry sat on the stool. “Also, didn’t get my bar.”

“Bar?” His wife said as she peeked from below the counter. “What bar?”

“The chocolate. Nancy said that she was going to save one for me, but that jerk Mike took it.”

“Maybe she will bring more. Now, where did I put that thing.”

“She said tomorrow.” Terry looked at the opened ovens. “How many orders do you have?”

“Sixteen.” She said and placed a large bowl on the counter. “Just finished fourteen and two more to go.”

“You know, why not open your own shop?”

She looked at him. “Are you going to be part of it?”

“No, I can’t bake or cook.”

She shook her head and began to mix flour and eggs into the large bowl. “Oh, there’s something in the living room for you. Someone dropped it by the front door.”

“A bill?” Terry got up and headed to the living on the center table was a package warped in white paper. It was small and had something written on the front. Terry grabbed it and read the inscription. ‘The last one, enjoy.’

Terry opened it inside was a chocolate bar. He smirked and quickly unwrapped it, then broke a piece and popped it into his mouth. He closed his eyes and stood there enjoying the favor.