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The Man by the Doorway

Something that I heard when I was a kid and the person experience seeing a dark man standing by the door way. It was an outline of a man with a hat and coat. A few days later, that person died. So, a story that I came up.

The Man by the Doorway

It was a typical night, and Lily was getting ready for bed when a voice called from down the hallway. It was a weak cry but was understandable. Lily got up and headed to where the sound was coming from. She entered another room and found her grandfather by the corner whispering something.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” She walked over to him and kneel down.

“He’s coming from me tonight.” His eyes moved around the room and stopped at Lily’s face. “I don’t want to go yet.”

“What are you talking about?” She smirked. “You’re still healthy, and the doctors found nothing wrong with you. They said you could live another twenty years.”

“No, I’m not talking about my health.” He stretched out his legs and lifted himself up. “This is something else. A promise I made, but for the past 50 years I regret making it.”

“What did you promise?”

Her grandfather closed his eyes and placed his hand over his face. “It’s not important. I’m just speaking nonsense.”

Lily watched her grandfather as he walked to his bed and sat on it. His tired eyes looked out the window to see the snow coming down. He breathed deeply and sighed as he lay down. Lily walked to him and pulled up one of the blankets and covered him. Then kissed him on the forehead and said goodnight. As she headed to her room, a strange presence was felt from behind. Turning her head around, Lily got a glimpse of a man by the doorway, but as her eyes focused, there was no one there just an old coat hanging by the wall.

“Gramps got me thinking spooky things.” She said to herself.

Something made her lock the door and to leave the nightlight on. She pulled the sheets and crawled underneath them and fell asleep.

The next day, Lily was downstairs eating breakfast. Her mother was preparing a sandwich for her and asked what type of mustard she wanted.



“Hey, mom. Did grandpa ever have nightmares about something after him?”

Her mother looked at her. “No, why?”

“Last night, I heard him whispering to himself about someone coming to get him.” Lily looked up the ceiling as heavy footsteps were heard. “He said that he didn’t want to go yet.”

“Might be a bad dream he had.” Her mother returned to finish lunch. “He did have a hard life as a child, and it might be what he is seeing.”

“What type of childhood did he had?”

Her mother thought for a moment and shook her head. “He never said a thing about his childhood.”

A few minutes later, Lily’s grandfather came down with a smile on his face. He was whistling a tune and cheerfully said good morning.

“Dad, you seem to be in a good mood today.”

“Sure am.” He hugged his daughter. “How about you sweetie?”


“Good and what about you, Lily?” He grabbed a plate and sat next to her.

“Okay. Did something different happen last night?”

“What do you mean?” He grabbed a fork and knife.

Lily looked at her mother then at her grandfather. “You were upset and talking about someone coming to get you and that you were not ready or didn’t want to go.”

Her grandfather cut a small piece of pancake and began to eat. He shook his head. “I don’t remember saying that.”

“But I went to your room last night and—”

“Maybe I had a bad dream.”

Lily wondered why her grandfather acted as if nothing happened.

Later that day, as Lily was coming back from school, a strange man was standing by the doorway. He wore a black suit with red shoes, a red tie, a red hat, and he held a white cane. The man was speaking with Lily’s grandfather who seemed upset and shouted at the man to leave him alone. The man only grinned and pulled out a large blue book.

“You know the deal, there is no turning back.” The man spoke in a deep voice.

“She only did it to save me, and we were not told about it.”

“True,” the man turned his head and stared at Lily. His dark eyes pierced her and felt as if he wanted something from her. “Ah, here she is.”

Her grandfather moved his eyes and looked back at him. “No, she was not part of it.”

“They are all the same, only different bodies and minds.” The man tipped his hat and walked down the steps. He gave a malicious smile at Lily as he winked. “I will return in two days, I hope everything will be set by then.”

Once the man was gone, Lily asked her grandfather. He said nothing and went inside the house. However, Lily would not drop the subject and pressure him to tell her about the stranger. After a while, he caved in and sat on the sofa.

“Before I met your grandmother, I was very ill, and my mother took me to every doctor but it was the same thing, nothing could save me. One day, she learned about a woman who would heal anything. We went to see her, and I was cured, but before we left, I needed to sign a contract. My mother and I didn’t think much about it—” Her grandfather got up and walked to a fireplace. He grabbed a picture frame and pulled out a letter from the back of it. “I should’ve never have done it. I signed another contract with you.”

“What?” Lily stood and walked over to him. She looked at the letter and saw her fingerprint on it. “What is this and what did he do?”

“He came, and I plead with him to renewed the contract which was with my first-born grandchild.”

Lily gasped and slowly backed away. “Why? Who is he?”

Her grandfather placed the paper back in the frame and sighed. “I don’t know. I asked the woman about it, and she said he is the one that comes to collect the debt.”

“What did you do this to me?” She shouted.

“I was young and stupid. I didn’t think I would have children.” He looked at her. “I…I am so sorry.”

“Is there any way to stop him?”

“Renew the contract.”

“So, I can screw my children.”

“I…I don’t know what else to do.” He walked to hold her, but Lily pushed him away and ran up to her bedroom.

She could not believe that her grandfather sold her for his life. She grabbed a photo which was of her and her grandfather and ripped it.

Two nights later, Lily did not eat anything and stayed in her room. She had set up a trap if the man were to ever come for her. Her mother knocked on the door and asked if everything was well.

“Yes, I’m just feeling a bit ill.”

“Do you need anything?”

“No, I’m going to sleep.”

“Well, let me come in and—”

“I don’t want you to catch my cold,” Lily said.

“All right but if you need anything tell me.”

Lily stay up all night and about three in the morning, she heard footsteps coming towards her door. She grabbed her bat and stood ready. The knob turned and slowly the door opened. As soon as the wire was snapped a large book came down on top of someone. They shouted, and the lights came on. It was Lily’s grandfather.

“What did you do?” He said as he looked at the book on the floor.

“Oh sorry.” Lily walked to him and picked up the book. “I made a trap for the man.”

“I see. Well, that’s not going to work.”


Lily was interrupted as they both heard something in the hallway. Her grandfather lifted his flashlight and shined it in the dark. There stood the man in the hall. He had a broad grin on his face and held the blue book.

“Ah, are we ready?”

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Lily shouted.

“Child, the contract was signed and must be fulfilled.” He moved towards them, and his steps made no sounds, and it looked as if he was floating. “I have other appointments, and they must be completed.”

“Take me.” Lily’s grandfather said.

The stranger looked at the grandfather and pushed him aside and went after Lily. She swung her bat at him, but it did nothing. Her grandfather shot at the man, and he stopped to stare at the wounds. The bullets came out from his body and fell to the ground. He looked at Lily’s grandfather and held his finger and wiggled at him. Then shoved the grandfather out of the room as he fell on the floor. Lily screamed for help which woke her mother, who came running to the hall and found her father on the ground.

“What happened?” She asked.

“It's Lily.” He stood. “We have to save her.”

He rammed his shoulder on the door, and with just a few hits, it swung open. Inside, laid Lily on the ground. Her face was pale, and her mother screamed and grabbed her cold body. The grandfather dropped to the floor and turned his head to see the man walking away with his book, who winked and vanished.

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