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Silent Whispers

An extra story for this month and something to read for Halloween. Until next time have a safe day.

Silent Whispers

A scream was heard in the middle of the night, and a man woke up sweating. He sat up breathing heavily and had his eyes opened wide. His eyes moved around the dark room trying to understand what was the nightmare that disturbed him. Turning on the light, he pulled off the covers and let his feet touch the cold floor. On the nightstand was his clock which read two in the morning. He took a deep breath and went to the bathroom. While heading there, he tried to think of the nightmare but it was so vague, and the only thing he remembered was a scream. Terror struck him as he turned all the lights in the house.

“Wow, what a dream.” He looked at the mirror. “Better stop with those horror movies.”

Once he finished and went back to the room, the man was not able to sleep. He tossed and turned for must of the night and until a few hours later he was asleep.

The next day, the man was up preparing for his day. He turned on the television and listened to the news. He stopped once in a while to see about an event that was happening on the other side of the world. The newscaster spoke about strange sightings of beings and odd behaviors that some of the people were doing. The man ignored it and finished eating his breakfast then headed out. As he walked to his car, he noticed that one of his neighbors were packing and seemed to be in a rush to leave. He waved to the woman, but she quickly looked away and ran inside.

“Talk about scared cats.” He murmured to himself.

As the man headed to the office, traffic was average, but there were a few odd occurrences along the way. A group of people was marching and held signs that said they are coming. The man smirked and turned on the radio, there was a strange sound coming from the station, and the announcer said they were having issues with the frequency. He turned it off and drove quietly.

At the office, not everyone had come to work. The man found one of his coworkers and asked what was happening.

“Did you not hear about the crazy things that people are doing?”

“I a bit of it on the news, but it’s just a few folks.”

“More like thousands.” Someone said from behind him. The man turned around and looked at a woman who was leaving. “Sorry Joe, but I have to go see my parents up north.”

“Yeah, it's fine. Be safe.”

The man looked at Joe and saw that he wanted to leave as well. “Hey, want not just close the place for a few days?”

“Can’t. We are on crunch time, and I need you and the rest of your team to finish up.” Joe rubbed his neck and sighed as he walked away. “Wish I could go.”

The man returned to his desk and began to work. After an hour had passed, the boss came in and told everyone to gather around him.

“Listen, everyone, as you see there is a lot of troubling things happening and I was speaking with some of the higher-ups, and they all agreed that it would be best to close shop for a couple of days until this is all over.”

“You sure about that?” The man asked.

“Yeah. I can see in on all your faces that this event is troubling. So, come back next Monday and hope that everything will be back to normal.”

As everyone got ready to leave, all of the phones began to ring the emergency broadcast. Everyone gazed at the strange message.

‘Attention, attention. Due to high levels of radiation in the north parts of the country. All air travel and roads to the section are closed off. Please avoid those areas and if you are in those places affected by the radiation, please leave immediately and seek medical attention.’

Everyone looked at one another, and somebody turned on the television. Searching for information about the alert, but there was nothing.

“This is crazy.” A woman said and walked away.

The man stood looking at the screen and wondered what was happening. He looked outside the window to see dark clouds in the distance.

The drive back home was quiet, and most of the streets were empty. A few cars were driving by, and someone from one of the vehicles asked for directions. The man told the person that it was two blocks back. The person thanked the man and drove off.

Once at home, the neighborhood was empty. Most of the front doors were left open, and many items were scattered on the front patio. The man felt a bit scared and wondered if he should abandon the city and search for his brother. He quickly ran inside and gathered a few items for the trip, then headed south. The man avoided the pack streets and drove on the backroads. On the radio was still the strange noise and the person who was speaking could not be heard.

The roads were empty, and there were sounds of gunfire echoed in the distance. The environment had an eerie sensation as if the world was coming to an end. The man drove for a few hours and stopped at a place to rest for the night. He parked the car away from the road to be hidden by anyone that came by. As he fell asleep, a voice whispered to him which made him open his eyes. There was no one around, but he heard a whisper and felt that he should leave the area. He got back on the road and drove for another few hours then stopped at a hotel. There was no one there, so the man searched the place for any food and a key to sleep in one of the rooms. He settled for the night and slept only for an hour. Pounding on the door disturbed the man, and he kept quiet as he walked over to see who it was. Outside was a shadow, the man was not able to see who it was. He wanted to speak, but fear came over him. The man’s heavy breathing was the only thing that was heard, and he stopped once the person pounded on the door. Finally, he got the courage and shouted.

“Who…who are you?”

There was no reply.

“Listen here. I... I got a gun, and I have it aimed at the door.”

Again, there was no reply. The man looked at the peephole and saw no one there. The man backed away from the door and sat on the bed. He sat there for the rest of the night until morning. The man was back on the road, and he kept alert if someone was following but he had not seen anyone and wondered if it was all a dream. He turned on the radio, and this time the odd sound was gone, and the broadcaster could be heard clearly.

“I repeat, there is no danger in the north. It was all a misunderstanding. For anyone that had fled in fear, there is nothing to worry about. Please return to your homes. I repeat, there is no danger—”

The man turned off the radio and pulled over to the side of the road. He got out and looked back at the city he left. Then he looked back at the other way. The man had two choices; go and find his brother or to return and see if it were all a hoax. While he stood there thinking a whisper was heard behind him. The man looked around, but there was nothing. He sighed and entered the car and drove ahead. A murmur told him to not look back, but his curiosity got the better of him. So, he looked at the rearview mirror, and a blink of an eye a flash of light appeared, and it blinded the man. The car went off the road and stopped in a ditch. The man moaned and opened his eyes to look at a red sky. He began to laugh as a rush of hot winds raced towards him.