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Waiting for Father

Its a new month and cold days, so I will begin with a very short story.

Waiting for Father

Sitting on the stone steps was a young boy, who was overlooking the front lawn. He held his stuff bear on his arms and wondered if his father would ever return. It has been days when his father left, and the boy became worried that he lost his father. He lowered his head and whispered to himself.

“Where did you go? Did you leave me here alone because I was a bad son?” Tears fell on the bear and made it appeared as if the toy was crying with the child. “I’m sorry if I did something wrong to make you leave.”

A woman came walking by with her dog and heard the cries of the child. She stopped and walked over to him and asked what was wrong.

“My dad left me.” The boy wiped his tears.

“What do you mean he left you?” She lowered herself to the boy’s eye level.

“He went out one day and hasn’t returned. I think I made him angry.”

The woman sat next to him, and the small dog rested its head on the boy’s lap. “What do you think your father left for being a bad son?”

“I don’t listen to him.”

“That wouldn’t be a real reason for him to abandon you. Your father works, so something came up. What type of job does he do?”

“He travels a lot.” He petted the dog. “I never asked him about it.”

“Well, there you go.” The woman looked at the house. “Did you ever ask your mother?”


“I see, but I’m sure your father will be home soon.” The woman stood. “He loves you, he will never leave you.”

The boy smiled as the woman continued with her walk. A while later, he got up and went inside to eat.

Every day the boy would wait outside his house, hoping his father would appear to greet him with open arms. The woman also would come and speak with the boy about things. After a while they became friends, and the boy showed the woman drawings he made.

One day, a phone call was heard, and the boy saw his mother was speaking to someone. Her voice sounded cheerful, and she smiled. She looked at her son waved to him to come, but he did not move from the steps. He sighed and gripped his bear closer as a wind blow across his face. It had become colder, and the boy saw less of the woman. One day, she came by and sat with him. She had a blanket and wrapped it around to watch the snow. When it became too cold, the woman said goodbye and left. As the boy was heading inside the house, a voice called out to him. He turned around and standing there with a smile on his face was the boy’s father. Tears ran down on the boy’s face then rushed to hug his father.

“I told that I would come back.” His father said.

“But why did you leave me in the first place?” The boy asked.

The man bent down and placed a hand on his son’s head. “I needed to go work, and you just need to wait for a while.”

The boy wiped his face and looked at his father who was smiling. The man stood upright and grabbed the boy’s hand, and they walked inside the house.