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New Eyes

New Eyes

In the early 21st century mankind had advanced in technological wonders. With advancements of robotics and A.I. man was discovering ways of relocating the mind from one body to another. Two known scientists had found a way to transfer thought. However, their result was something unexpected.

The young couple was praised for what they had accomplished in creating a machine that used thought to process information and emotions. They continued on improving their A.I. and wondered if the human mind would be able to transfer into a robotic body. They had several volunteers but each of the trials failed, or the thought was not strong enough to comprehend the outcome of a new corpse. As time went on, the couple wanted to have children. They decided it was time and tried to have one, however, it was not possible. The wife could not have any children, and it devastated them both. The husband got an idea and told his wife that if they could not have a child why not build one and input their thoughts into the A.I. They began to work and spend a great deal to make the child as real as possible. While they worked hard, the wife became ill and was taken to the E.R. There they discovered that the illness was life-threatening and only had a couple of months to live.

Green eyes gazed at the world outside, and a small bird was chirping on a tree calling out to its parents. Another bird flew to it and held a bug in its mouth. The eyes moved away from the bird as someone entered the room.

“Linda,” a man’s voice was heard, and he walked over to the woman who was seated on a wheelchair. “What are you doing out of bed? And how did you get on the chair?”

She looked at the man and smiled. “Jeff helped me.”

A robot stood near the bed and bowed its head to the man. “Good morning Doctor Samson.”

“Morning Jeff.” He looked that the robot then at his wife. “Honey, you shouldn’t put so much trust in it. Last time, it miscalculated, and you fell on the floor.”

“That was my mistake, not his.”

“And can you stop calling it a him.” Samson sat on the bed and looked at Linda. Her face was skinny, and her head was covered by a cap to keep her head warm as there was not much hair left. Her hand shook violently as she reached out to touch her husband’s face.

“We created him in our own image, so it is one of us.” She looked at Jeff. “Even if it's not of flesh and blood, he is part of our mind.”

“Oh, Linda.” He placed his hand over hers. “I came to tell you that its time.”

“You did all of the checks?”

“Yes, I did all of it and double checked it.” He smiled. “Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it.”

Samson got up and pushed the wheelchair down the hallway. They stopped at the elevator and went down to the basement. As they entered the room, the lights came on and in front of them was a large cubed box with a white substance. Linda asked to see it before they began the process. Samson pushed her closer to the container then he walked over to a control panel. He pressed a few buttons, and the liquid began to drain out. Once all of it was gone, inside laid a woman with short hair that was platinum blonde. The glass was moved, and Linda touched the skin.

“She is so beautiful. But why is her hair blonde?”

“I think it’s the liquid that caused it.” He opened one of the eyes and stared at the green color. “The eyes are the right color. See.”

“Are you telling me that you wanted a blonde?” She giggled.

“No, I love your red…we should start.”

He pushed her to a bed and lifted her onto it. He placed a blanket over her and removed the cap then grabbed several white tabs and placed them around her head. Samson turned on a machine and looked at the vitals.

“Okay, we are good here.” Linda took a deep breath and gripped his hand. “It's going to be fine. You have a strong mind.”

She smiled as he walked away. The sound of a buzz was heard, and Samson looked at the monitors.

“Who is it?” Linda asked.

Samson sighed and shook his head. “Just no one. Let’s get started.”

The machine began to warm up, and all the systems checked green. Samson walked to the computer and entered a few keystrokes, and all the lights dimmed, and the cube moved over to Linda. A few more keys were pressed, and a message appeared.

“No turning back.” He whispered to himself.

He pressed the enter key, and the machine started its process. While he waited for it to finish, the sound of a door being broken down was heard. Samson looked at Linda then told Jeff to stay by her side. Jeff nodded as Samson went upstairs. As he exited the elevator, he was greeted by a man and two officers.

“Samson, there you are. Where is Linda?”

“What do you want Mark?” His eyes studied the two officers then went to Mark.

“I’m here to take my sister.”

“She is fine. We are working on something that will help her.”

Mark shook his head. “Sorry Samson, but the family doesn’t want her to be here anymore. We want her to live the rest of her time with—”

“Look, Mark, Linda and I discovered a way to save her from this illness.”


“Just give me a few hours, and you will see.”

“Sorry but no. So, where is my sister?”

Samson looked down and pushed Mark into the two officers then he quickly entered the elevator and went back down. He raced to the laboratory and saw that the process was at 78%. He heard the elevator moving up, so Samson locked the door and looked that the screen, then he walked over to Linda. He lifted her eyelid and examined the pupil. There was no response for her eye as he flashed the light at it.

Just then he heard Mark shouting from behind the door. Samson told Jeff to stand by the door and to not let them come in. It nodded and walked over and stood guard. Gunshots were heard as the door was swung open, but Jeff held it and looked at Samson.

“I will not let them in.”

“Good boy,” Samson said under his breath as he prepared for the next stage.

More shots were fired, and Jeff’s left arm fell on the ground. It tried to pick up its arm but could not hold the door and grab it at the same time. They fired more, and Jeff fell backward. The three men entered and saw what Samson was doing to Linda. Mark screamed to stop it, but Samson held out a gun at them and told them to wait. However, one of the officers fired at Samson’s shoulder, and he fell. Mark ran over to Linda to see that she was not breathing. He looked at her vitals then at the cables attached to her head. He was about to remove it, but Samson shouted.

“No, if you do that she will be gone.” He looked at the screen and read 99. “Please wait a few seconds.”

Mark shook his head and grabbed all the cables and pulled them. The room went dark then the lights came back on. Linda’s vitals were flat, and Mark began to resuscitate her, but it was no use, she was gone. Mark covered her and looked at Samson.

“You will pay for this.”

The two officers grabbed Samson, and they all went up. As the lights dimmed down and the power went out. A faint sound of a voice was heard then two eyes opened glowing a bright green.