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The Life of Two Souls

Back from vacation and with a new story. This is just a short version from a longer one.

The Life of Two Souls

The smell of burning wood filled the air with the sounds of screaming. Only darkness was seen but a faint light pierced through it and the silhouette of a man stood in front, saying something. The voice was muffled and not recognizable. As the person on the floor moved, they were inside a crater. Shards of metal covered in blood surrounded it, and smoke came from the black ground. The man climbed down the hole, and his features were more distinguished. His black beard was covered with a bit of gray, and his face had wrinkles. His head was covered by a white turban. His light brown eyes scanned the person, and there was fear in them but at the same time happiness. He spoke again but the sound was not clear, and the darkness returned.

The man lifted the person from the crater and climbed back up. Some of the men helped him up and looked at the child who he held in his arms. Her face was covered in dirt and blood, but there were no signs of cuts, only her clothing was damaged from the bomb that fell from the sky. Everyone quickly fled from the area as the man went to his home. When he arrived at his house, his wife saw them, and she ran to them asking what had happened. The man explained to her and was shocked to learn that her daughter was bombed but survived it. He took his daughter inside and laid her on the ground. Her mother examined her and found nothing. She caressed her daughter’s head as she opened her eyes and looked at her mother.

“Mama, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, my daughter.” She began to cry. “It is a miracle.”

The child looked around the place and noticed that she was inside her house.

The next day as the child sat in front of the house, she was watching the other children playing. There was something different about everything, and it seemed as if she was not part of this world. She sat there quietly, and her mother called to her.

“Halah come here.”

She stood and went inside. “Yes, mama.”

“I need you to take this to your uncle.” Her mother held a basket. “There’s something inside that he needs for his wife.”

“Okay.” Halah grabbed it and left.

The walk to her uncle’s house was pleasant. Many of the people who saw her waved which was strange for Halah. Around the corner, she viewed the crater which was being filled in. Four men were examining some of the fragments, and one of them noticed Halah. He called to her, and she walked to him.

“Ah, Halah.” He smiled at her. “I see you are well.”

“Yes.” She answered.

“You are blessed to be alive. No one has ever lived through something like that or have one’s limbs intact.”

Halah stared at the man’s eyes and saw something inside of them. It was a strange shadow, and it smiled. It frightened Halah and quickly walked away. All the men looked at her strangely and wondered what happened. As Halah continued onward, a voice spoke to her, and she turned her head to see who it was, but no one was looking at her. She took a few more steps and stopped when the voice spoke again.

“W—who’s there?” She said in a low voice.

No answer just the sound of cars and the people walking. Halah wrapped her arms around her and felt frightened. She wanted to run back home but stood there like a statue.

“Are you well child?” Halah turned to see a woman whose head was covered by a black veil. “Are you lost?”

“No,” Halah said. “I’m just thinking.”

The woman smiled and there in her eyes was another shadow, but it was different from the one on the man’s eyes. The woman walked past her, but Halah followed the woman. Once the woman reached a point, she turned and looked at the child.

“Why are you following me?”

“Oh, sorry.” Halah bowed her head and walked away. After a few minutes, she reached her uncle’s house and found him sitting on the floor with his son.

“Halah.” He smiled. “It’s good to see you again. I heard about the bombing. Are you well?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” She lowered the basket and pulled out a bottle. “Mama send this to you.”

“Ah, she is a good sister.” He grabbed it and opened the top to smell it. “She makes it like our mother. Sit Halah and tell me about your day.”

She sat next to him and looked at her baby cousin. His light brown eyes glimmer at her and something moved inside of them. Halah smiled and reached out to grab his hand. The boy laughed and shouted with joy which surprised his father.

“Look at him. He really likes you.” He passed the boy to Halah. “I will take these things, and we can talk later.”

As her uncle walked away, Halah looked at the boy’s eyes. The shadow moved around, and she felt that it was happy. Halah wondered what it was as she looked around the room. Everything inside seemed worthless as if the material did not have an attraction to her. The voice spoke again, and the boy laughed and stretched out his hands towards her. Halah saw that it did not scare the baby, so she closed her eyes and focused on the voice.

“Hello, Halah.”

She opened her eyes and saw that no one was there. The baby yawned and laid its head on her chest. Just then her uncle came in and saw the sleeping baby.

“I see that it’s time for his nap. Here, I will lay him to rest.”

Halah past the baby and stood as they went to the room. Once he returned, they spoke for a while, and Halah told him everything. He was amazed and said to her that she had a purpose for surviving the bombing. She nodded and looked at his eyes. The shadow in him was different from the baby. It was much darker and seemed sad.

“Something wrong?” He asked.

“Oh, no. I should be heading back home.”

“All right and thank your mother for me.”

Halah walked out of the house and returned to her home. On her way, she examined everyone’s eyes that came in contact with her. Some were bright and happy which were mostly children, and those that were dark and sad were adults. Halah did not understand why she saw it or why a voice was speaking to her.

At home, Halah told her mother about her uncle and nothing more. Later that night as she laid to bed, she closed her eyes and focused on the voice. At first, there was nothing, but after a few minutes, it spoke.

“Halah, do not be afraid.”

“Who are you and what do you want?” She said with a quiet voice.

“I am a soul that became part of you and saved you from the bomb. Right now, you would be dead if I have not intervened.”

“Why did you save me?”

“I am seeking out something that was left here and am using you as a vessel to fulfill it. Once I am done, you will leave this world.”

Halah opened her eyes and gasped as she felt pain in her chest. She pressed her hand over and wept quietly.

“I am sorry to tell you that.” The pain subsided, and Halah looked around the dark room. “I promise that it will be painless when the time comes. You will have gifts that will help you on this journey and will help others with them. Now rest.”

Halah laid back down and dozed off.

The next day Halah was up early and was back at the crater looking at it. A flash came over her, and she began to remember about that day.

Her father was across the plaza speaking to a man about a part that broke from the car. Halah was hopping around on the ground and stopped to see a stone that was shining on the ground. She crouched down and picked it. While she was busy examining it, four vehicles pulled behind her and several men climbed out of them. One of the men saw Halah and shouted at her. She stood and looked at him. Just then a whistling sound was heard. Halah looked up then everything became black. As she stood there thinking about it, a man walked by her and asked what she was doing.

“Thinking about that day.” She said without looking at him.

“Oh, you are the child that lived.” The man limped over to her. “I was amazed that nothing happened to you. The only thing you had on you was dirt and blood.”

Halah looked at the man and stared at his eyes. There was light in them but at the same time despair. She looked at his leg which was bandaged and had dry blood on it. She slowly reached with her finger and touched it. The man moaned and began to scratch his leg. After a while, he walked away and noticed that his steps were different. He lifted his leg up and moved around then he began to shout that he was healed. Halah looked at him and walked away. She heard the voice and told her to head to a house nearby. She stepped inside and found a woman who was laying on the bed and her daughter was crying. Halah walked to them and asked what the matter was.

“My mother is dying.” The girl wiped her eyes. “There’s nothing that will save her.”

Halah watched the woman, and something came over her.

“I know this mortal.” The voice said to her. “Place your hand on her and ask for water from the child.”

She asked the girl if she could have water. The girl nodded and went to fetch it. Halah observed the ill woman and placed her hand over her face and waited for the water. As soon as the water was brought to her, Halah lifted the woman’s head and let her drink it. Once she swallowed all of it, Halah moved away and asked the girl if she had any white stones.

“Yes, I do but why not go outside and gather some?”

“These are different.”

The child rubbed her head and went to get them. Halah smiled at the woman who was asleep. When the girl returned, Halah grabbed the four stones and thanked the girl and told her that her mother should be well in a few hours. Halah strolled out of the city and climbed a high hill and found a circle that had the four stones missing.

“This is what I was missing. Place the four stones back and lay inside.”

Halah did as the voice told her then laid on the ground. Slowly the stars appeared overhead and she closed her eyes never to open them again.