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Lost Child

Lost Child

A large crowd gathered by a stage and a man dressed in a black robe spoke to everyone with a commanding voice and told them about a way to save their souls. He pulled out a strange idol and placed it on a pedestal. The statue was made of bronze with gems on the three eyes. The man asked for a volunteer from the crowd, and a woman with a limped leg raised her hand. The man smiled at the woman and told her to come up to the stage. She limped to the side and climbed the steps then slowly stopped in front of the man.

“Ladies and gentleman, we have here one that is lost and seeks for salvation.” He stretched his hand to the idol. “This god of bronze whose name is Cybrus will cure her of all illness.”

The man grabbed the woman by the hand and guided her to the idol. He whispered something in her ear and nodded as she slowly kneel before it. She closed her eyes and began to pray. The man told her what to say, and the woman repeated the words. Everyone wondered if it was all a hoax, but the man in the black robe kneeled to it as well and lifted his hand in the air.

“Praise be Cybrus. He who cures and heals the sick.” The man shouted louder and tapped his foot on the stage.

Underneath was a boy who was eating an apple and heard the sound of the man’s foot. He quickly ran to a pillar and flipped a switch. Wires ran to the ceiling of the stage, and a light turned on, and the boy returned to his seat. He heard the people outside gasping and shouting for the idol’s eyes began to glow, and smoke came out from its mouth. The boy smirked and sighed as he tapped on the ceiling with a broom.

The man clapped and stood as he grabbed the woman by the hand. She looked at him and slowly began to rise. She moved her leg and started to pace around on the stage. Everyone clapped and cheered for they saw a miracle. They all asked the man for healing as he held his hands in the air.

“Now, now. Everyone will have a chance to heal and to save their soul.” The man grinned. “Those who want to be part of his followers, please donate gold, silver or whatever you have to Cybrus.”

Everyone climbed to the stage and began to drop coins into a brown box. The money the people gave fell to where the boy sat, and he looked at it. He grabbed one of the coins and stared at the figure of a man’s head. It was strange the many have value on something made of metal. He tossed it back into the large box and listened to the people praying to be healed or for good fortune.

As the day ended, the boy came out from underneath the stage and saw that it was clear for him to come out. He walked to the back of the stage and went inside a trailer. The inside was cramped with many statues of the idol. Some were broken or being repaired while others were melted to make new figures. The boy walked to the back of the trailer and saw the man speaking with the woman who acted as if she was healed. They both were cheering and laughing as the man poured coins on her head.

“Ah, we made more this time.” The man noticed the boy. “What are you doing in here?”

“I…I came to eat and if I can get my part of the—”

“You get nothing.” The man shouted at him. “Get out there and clean up the place. We need to leave before they come finding us.”

The boy nodded and went outside the pack their things. As he was tidying up the place, a young woman walked to him. Her green eyes studied the boy while he was placing a set of tools inside a box.

“Is this the place where the man speaks of a god name Cybrus?” she spoke softly to the boy.

He was startled by the young woman and gazed at her. Her outfit was strange which was a white dress with patterns of flowers on it. Her blouse was blue and a reddish coat that covered her. On her head was a small black hat that rested on the side of her head. Her hair was reddish and long that it almost reached the ground.

“Is something the matter?” Her eyes sparkled in the light.

“Um…no, it’s just that you looked like my mother.” The young woman smiled, and the boy blushed as he lowered his head. “Um…yes the man that speaks about Cybrus is here. But you should leave and not waste your time.”

The young woman walked closer to the boy and placed her hand on his shoulder. “So, you know that he is cheating others, but why be with him?”

“Yes and that man found me in the streets and raised me just to be a servant.”

“A pity that a man would take advantage of someone like you.” She placed her hand on his chest and on his forehead. “You are a lost child but if you want to find your home leave this man.”

“But I can’t just do that. I will die out there in the world.”

The woman straightened herself and shouted to the man inside. “You who speaks of falsehood, on this day you will not live to enjoy your profits.”

The man burst out of the trailer and stared at the woman. He grinned and began to laugh at her. “You are not a cop or anyone with power so leave before I strike you down.”

The young woman looked at the boy. “Leave for you are not like him.”

“Can I go with you?”

“No. I only came to speak to this man and nothing more.” She placed her hand on his head and left.

The boy looked at the man who started to shout and curse the young woman. He grabbed several stones from the ground and began to toss them at the woman. A few hit her on the back of the head, and the boy grabbed the man by the hand.

“Don’t hurt her.”

“Piss off you brat.” He shoved the boy to the ground.

“James, kill her before she leaves.” The other woman shouted from inside the trailer as she came out from it. “I bet she is going to tell the guards.”

“She won’t have a chance. That cursed woman will die by my hands.” He grabbed a pipe and ran to the woman but stopped midway and dropped the metal pipe to the ground. His hand clanged to his chest and fell to his knees. He moaned and tried to speak. His partner rushed to him, and she saw that he had a heart attack. The woman shouted for help, but no one came as the man died on the streets. The boy was stunned by it and ran to find the young woman, but she was gone, and no one had ever seen her before.

A few days had gone by, and the boy was seated on an old stump. He was counting the few coins he had on his hand which were only one gold and four coppers. He sighed and lowered his head as wondered if he was going to die of starvation. As he rested his head on the tree, a shadow was cast over him. He opened his eyes and stared at a man. He was tall and wore a white shirt with black pants. His face was lively, and his eyes were bright. He smiled at the boy and lowered himself to him.

“Why are you sad?” the man asked.

“I don’t have enough money to live on.” He looked at the coins. “I was searching for someone, but she vanished. She looked like my mother. I wished she was alive.”

The man placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I see that you are of pure heart. I need an assistant, and you might be someone that I can trust.”

“If it's about praising some god or tricking people into giving their money, I don’t want to be part of it.”

The man laughed. “I have nothing plan like that, what I need is someone to help me plant seeds and let them grow.”

“Well, I never was a farmer.” He rubbed his head. “But I’m willing to learn.”

“Then let us begin. First, remove everything inside of you that is negative and think positive.”

“Okay.” The boy stared at the man with suspicion. “But I thought we are planting seeds, how does that have anything to do with being negative?”

“Walk with me, and I will show you.”

They headed to the top of a hill and met several others standing in a circle. They were all speaking amongst themselves, and one of them noticed the man with the boy. Everyone looked at the child and smiled. He smiled back and looked at the man.

“Are they your workers?”

“No. I only guide hand. My superior left me in charge to ensure we plant the seeds.” The man placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Are you willing to work with us?”

“I guess. I don’t have anything else to do.” He lowered his head and looked up at him. “But I will do my best.”

“Everyone gather around and let us welcome our new seeder.” The group circled around the boy. “Oh, by the way, what is your name?”


“Welcome.” They all said to him.

The group walked to a large field and began to plant their seeds. Benji watched everyone work and had a strange feeling that they were not planting food as he thought. He asked the man what they were really doing when a small droplet fell on his head. It began to pour, and the man covered Benji with his coat. As the rain moist the ground, small seedlings sprout from it. Benji looked at one that he planted and kneeled to it. He touched it with his finger, and a smiled came over him as his eyes moved to the man.

“I now understand what you meant.”

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