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The Pier 3

The Pier 3

A woman stood by the beach and was staring at the sunset. A gust of wind blew her hair, and half her face was seen as she turned her head. She called out a name and the world began to fade into darkness. A small hand reached out to the woman as everything vanished then the face of a child was seen. The appearance was blurry, so there was no way of telling who it was. A faint voice was heard calling out a name as the face became more evident it was Ruth. She had a worried stare and shook Jonathan to get up.

“What?” He said in a groggy voice.

“Rocky and man. Gone.”

Jonathan sat up and noticed the camp was gone and it was only them. The pit was left burning as Ruth poked at the ember logs.

“Maybe they went to get food.” He yawned.”


“Then look for them if you are worried.” He laid back down.

“Did. Nothing. Gone.”

Jonathan sighed and glared at his sister. “You know you could speak more than just one word at a time.”

“Come,” Ruth said as she tugged his arm.

“Fine. Getting hungry anyways.” He got up and followed his sister to the beach.

It was a warm day, but the breeze of the ocean felt good on them. They washed their face and went to the pier. It was empty as it was still morning. They found a homeless woman digging in a trashcan looking for cans. She saw the children and asked what they were doing.

“Looking for a man named Dave and his dog, Rocky.”

The woman pondered on the names and shrugged. “Nope never heard of him. Maybe ask Pete over there, he knows everyone around here.”

The two walked over to the man who was holding a sign in his hand. Ruth looked at it and read it slowly.

“Need. Food. Could. You. Give. Me. Money.”

“That’s great.” Jonathan hugged her. “You read it all.”

“Smart kid.” The man answered. “What you two kids want?”

“We’re looking for a man named Dave and his dog, Rocky.”

The man stretched the back of his head and looked at his fingers. He flicked something of it and stared at Jonathan. “Nope, don’t recall any of the fellas with a dog named Rocky.”

“Are you sure? The dog was small, and its fur was white with black spots. The man was a vet, and he wore a green jacket and a cap with an emblem of the navy.”

Pete was chewing on something and slowly moved his jaw as he thought about the description. “Sorry kid, I never saw him. He might be a drifter and was just passing by. Most of those guys tend to do that.”

Jonathan sighed. “Well, thanks. Come on Ruth.”


“No, what?”

“Look for Rocky.”

“They left.” He grabbed her hand. “Now let’s go get something to eat.”

“No!” She yanked her hand and ran off.

“Ruth, stop being a baby.” He ran after her.

Ruth ran underneath the pier and stopped in front of a couple who saw her. The woman waved her hand to her and Ruth looked back to see if her brother was coming. There was no sign of him, so she slowly moved closer to the woman.

“Hi there.” The woman smiled. “Where is your brother?”

Jonathan arrived at the pier and quickly ducked behind one of the pillars. He looked at the couple that was speaking to Ruth. Jonathan remembered about what Dave told him. He sighed and walked over to them. The man noticed Jonathan and smiled at him. Ruth turned her head and waved at him as Jonathan waved back.

“So, you going to split us?” He asked.

“It might happen.” The man answered. “but we will try to have you both together.”

“Good.” Jonathan grabbed Ruth’s hand. “I won’t leave my sister behind.”

“You are a good brother.” The woman said.

The four walked over to a car and got inside. The ride was quiet, and Jonathan stared out the window. The beach was seen on the left side, and he gazed at it. He became sad, but when Ruth tapped him on the shoulder, he smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead.

“What. Is. That. For?”

“I love you, and I won’t abandon you.”

Ruth smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and began to mum a song.