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Been sick for about a week and a reason I didn't post anything last Sunday. This week's story is super short as I'm still recovering. Dealing with an sinus infection is nasty especially when you smell rot (very gross) and want to vomit.


Thunder was heard in the distance and caused the earth to rumble as if something exploded. A small child stood by a window and held a blanket over their head. Lights flashed outside, and the thunder came closer that it rattled the window. It spooked the child and ran out of the room and down the hallway into another bedroom. A woman was on her laptop working on something when the child entered and jumped on the bed.

“Sam, what are you doing up?” The woman looked at him.

“The thunder scared me.” Another loud blast of thunder shook the house roof, and Sam held his mother’s arm. She smiled and placed her laptop on the nightstand next to the bed. “Why does it shake the house? How does sound do that?”

“Vibrations and waves.” She placed her hand over his forehead. “You are still warm and where is your cap?”

“I got hot and took it off.”

“You have to wear it until you are well. Come on let’s get it.”

They headed back to the room and found the cap on the floor next to the bed. The woman placed it back on the boy’s head then sat next to him.

“Can’t I sleep with you?” He looked over to the window and stared at the trees that were moving as there were gusts of winds.

“You will be fine. It's only a storm and nothing more.” The woman walked over to the window and closed the curtain. Another thunder rattled the house, and Sam ducked under the covers and called out to his mother. “It is only sound.”

“But it’s scary.”

“Think of it as if someone is coughing and they are trying to clear their throat.” She sat down on the bed.

Sam peeked from the covers and listened to the heavy rain. Another sound of thunder was heard, but it was further away. He pulled his head out of the sheets and looked at his mother. “It’s leaving?”

“Yes,” She hugged him. “as everything that comes, it goes. Just like your cold.”

Sam sniffed and wiped his arm over his nose. His mother handed him a tissue, and he blew out the mucus. She tucked him in then kissed him on the forehead. Sam closed his eyes and listened to the rain as he coughed a bit and dozed off.