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Heart of the Guardian

Another story which I'm writing at the moment. It is a bit different from most of the others one I have written as this one has a boy as the main character.


A shadow stood in front of a white crystal gazing and inside appeared to be a person. The shadow moved its dark hand over the glass and felt the person twitching. The gem glowed brightly, and the shadow vanished before it was consumed by the illumination. The light faded as the darkness returned and gazed at the person.

“You will not be able to fight me much longer. Soon, I will have you and your kingdom.” The shadow laughed as it felt the room.

Another person was hiding behind a pillar and walked over to the crystal. It rubbed its sleeve over it, and the face of a young girl was seen inside with her eyes closed.

“What are you doing?” the shadow returned and slammed the person into the wall.

“I…I…was only seeing…what she looked like.” The creature said as it gripped the arms of the shadow.

“Curiosity kills.” The shadow released the creature then looked at the girl. “I sense the Princess is searching for something. Her soul is not inside.”

“How do you know that?” The creature rubbed his neck.

“The light.” The shadow walked over to the window and gazed at the kingdom. Everything was crystallized, and nothing moved. “She is searching for something, and I want you to go see what it is.”

“But I’m just a bird.”

The shadow turned its head, and red eyes glowed from its face. A beam was shot at the creature, and it turned into a man with wings. The man looked at himself and fell on his back. “What did you do to me?”

“Made you look more presentable to the Princess. Now, go and find her.”

The man hesitated to leave but sighed as he walked away. The shadow took the form of a man and placed his hands behind his back as he gazed at the frozen kingdom then at a woman who was a statue. “Seems like your daughter’s soul is gone from her body. What are you two planning?”

Chapter One

The smell of honeydew filled the air and birds flew across a valley. The flowers began to open up to the sun’s rays as bees flew around them. The humming of a girl was heard, and a deer poked out its head from behind a bush and gazed at the young maiden who was floating around the forest. She stopped at one of the flowers and watched it open its petals. Its beauty was captivating to the child as she smiled and reached out to touch to flowers. However, her finger went through it. The girl sighed and gazed at all the beauty of the forest. Her eyes spotted the deer as its ears twitched.

“It is sad that I am not able to sense anything in this world. But you are able to see me.” The girl floated slowly to the deer. It did not move away from her as it tilted its head to the side. “Oh, you are a brave one, tell me, are you, my guardian or hero?”

A sound of something cracking was heard, and the deer fled from her. The girl wondered what it was and went to see. She flew towards a road and saw smoke coming in the distance.

“Oh my, I wonder if that is one of my people?” The girl flew quickly and stopped at the top of the hill. She surveyed the area and witness a young boy chasing a young girl who appeared to be five or six. He was shouting while swinging a stick around as if it were a sword. The little girl giggled and laughed as she ducked inside a small hut and the boy stopped in front of the building.

“Lira, you shouldn’t be in there. Come out at once.”

“No,” Lira shouted as she poked her head out of the opening then went back inside.

“Mom’s going to get angry, and she’s going to hit you then tell dad about what you did. Do you want him to find out that you were a bad girl?”

“No, I don’t.” Lira crawled out of the building and stood up as she dusted herself. “You not going to say a thing, are you?”

“Of course not.” The boy tossed the stick and got a glimpsed of the girl on the hill. His eyes gazed at her long hair that floated around her feet. He was surprised to see her but was not afraid. “Hey, do you see that girl floating over there?”

Lira looked but did not see the girl. “No. there’s no one there just a tree.”

“What?” He gazed at her. “She floating right there.”

“Show me.”

The boy walked up the hill and stood in front of the floating girl. He gazed at her and reached out to touch her.

“You see me?” the girl asked

The boy pulled back his hand, and his eyes stared at the girl. He was not able to see much detail for she was only a silhouette. “Are you a ghost?”

“Um…well not really. I’m a spirit that…”

“Gustav.” The voice of a woman was heard. He turned around and saw his mother waving to him. “Come here I need you to do something.”

“Okay.” He shouted and turned around to see that the girl was gone. “Huh, where did she go?”

As Gustav ran down to his mother, the girl appeared behind a tree. A smile came over her as she whispered to herself. “You are my guardian.”