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Margret’s Key Part three

Mr. Bald padded himself on the forehead with a handkerchief as Ruth brought him something to drink. Vivian was at the table reading the note then stared at Mr. Bald as he thanked Ruth for the glass of water.

“I am terribly sorry for scaring the two of you ladies.” He smiled. “I tend to forget my phone. A reason why I always get a new one every two months.”

“It's no problem.” Ruth sat down.

“So, have you two found anything yet?” Mr. Bald turned on his phone to check any missed calls.

“A note to another clue,” Vivian answered as she studied it. “I think our aunt is playing a game with us, but she never was that type of person. Everything needed to be followed with proper manners and to act our age.”

“Guess in her old age she decided it was time to live a little.” Ruth laughed. “That woman was uptight about everything, it’s as if she never was a child.”

“Well, at least the two of you are making progress.” Mr. Bald looked at the clock and shook his head. “I might miss that appointment, oh well next time.”

“Was it important?” Ruth looked at him.

“Not really but would have been taken care of today. Well, ladies, I am off. I will see you two tomorrow.” Ruth and Vivian escorted him to the front door. “Oh, before I forget, I have something here that you will need. It’s a funny key.”

He gave it to Ruth, and she examined it. The key had not teeth marks and was pointy as a needle. On the tip was red and the rest was gold. “Strange key. Have any idea what’s it for?”

“Not really, I found it on the ground by the stairwell when I went looking for you. Well, have fun treasure hunting and have a good afternoon.”

As Mr. Bald walked to his car, Vivian looked at the letter and then stared at the stairwell. “The steps to heaven have a needle that will lead you to your next clue.”

“And what clue will this key led to?”

“The letter speaks of heaven so there must be something upstairs. Do you think its to unlock the room?”

Ruth rotated the key in her fingers and thought about it. “Only one way to find out. Let’s go.”

Both women walked back up to the second floor and headed down the west wing. All the windows were covered, and the hallway was dark, but there was still a bit of sunlight coming through the cracks of the curtains. When they reached the door at the end of the hallway, Ruth turned on her light on the phone and shined it on the lock. It was a small opening which would fit the key she held. Ruth inserted the key, and a clicked sound was heard. The door opened on its own, and both women gazed into the dark room. Vivian hid behind Ruth as she hugged her arm.

“Are you scared?” Ruth looked at her.

“A little.”

Ruth shook her head. “She is not here anymore.”

“I know, but it still gives me the creeps. Being here is like staring at a monster.”

Ruth laughed and stepped inside the dark room. She searched for a light switch on the wall but was not able to find it. So, she held out her phone and illumined the room. It was kept clean inside and organized. The bed was large with four wooden pillars holding the canopy. The curtains around it were purple and yellow. A large vanity was on the wall and pictures of their family was seen on the edge of it. The dresser was also large and had carvings of flowers and other plants on it.

As the light moved around the room, something reflected in the corner. Ruth walked over to it and gazed at it with her mouth opened. She stood there, and Vivian was terrified as she softly called her. However, Ruth said nothing and just stared at the thing her eyes were fixated on. Vivian mustered her courage and walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. Ruth did not turn to stare at her as she lifted her finger and point. Vivian looked at what she was pointing, and her eyes widened for she could not believe what she was staring at. For a moment both women stood gawking at what was in front of them until finally, Vivian screamed at the top of her lungs. Sitting on a rocking chair was their aunt turned into a doll, and on its lap was a sign.

‘Welcome home.’

The door closed behind them, and Vivian raced to it and tried to open it, but it would not budge. She pounded on it and shouted for someone to help. She began to cry and screamed; however, when she felt someone placing their cold hands on her shoulder, she freaked and passed out.