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A few posts late, but...

I haven't posted anything in the past two Sundays as I was busy working on two novels and doing other things. Today, I have some time to upload a snip of one I'm writing which is still in its first draft so there might be some errors here and there as well as some missing details.

Chapter One

Dark Creatures

Heavy rain poured onto a windshield as a man raced to a car. He placed two cups on the roof as he opened the door then quickly entered. He looked over to his partner and gave her a foam cup. She grabbed it and popped the lid off then blew on it while still glancing over that the building in front of them.

“Anything new while I was gone?” the man asked as he removes his wet hat and tosses it on the dashboard.

“No nothing.” His partner glanced at him. “Did you bring anything else?”

“Like what?”

“You asked me if I wanted a bagel or—”

“Oh, I forgot. You still want one?”


A frightening sound was heard coming from the building as both looked at it. A flash of lightning illuminated around the car then the sound of gunshots was heard.

“What the hell is happening in there?” The man asked.

“No clue.” The woman pulled out her gun. “Call it in.”

“Where are you going?” But she did not answer him as she took off. “Hey! Man, this is unit 476, we are in Creek Avenue, south of Brent Street. Need backup asap.”

The man quickly got out and ran towards the building. More gunshots, followed by screams as he got closer. The man leaned against the wall and peeked around the corner; his partner was by a doorway looking inside. He ran to her and rested his back against the brick wall.

“What the hell are you doing? We can’t just go running in gun blazing.”

“Something is in there with them.” Her eyes scanned the area.


“I don’t know.” She went in slowly as her partner followed behind her. “It sounded like a creature.”

“Great more of the dark creature everyone keeps talking about.”

The inside of the building was quiet, and only the sound of the rain pouring hard on the roof was heard. The two quietly moved around the building making their way up. On the second floor, a trail of blood was found and appeared to head into a room. The woman took the lead and as the man followed behind. Following the blood, they both heard a man moaning inside one of the offices. They both entered and to their horror found a man missing half his body as he crawled to a chair. He collapsed and died as the pool of blood flowed towards them. The man quickly ran out of the room and began to vomit. His partner examined the man’s corpse and noticed claw and teeth marks on the arms and torso.

Another sound was heard coming from another room, she quickly stood and walked out to see what it was. The rain still continued to pour as the water leaked from the roof. Puddles of water filled portions of the room and a small waterfall dropped to the level below. The woman walked over to it and held her flashlight over the opening. Something moved away from the light as it scurried along the water.

“Frank, I got someone down here!” She shouted.

“What?” he asked as he came into the room.

“Down below.” She poked her head through the opening and moved the light around. “I think they are gone. The room looks empty.”

“Well, we should get out of here and wait—”

Another scream was heard followed by gunshots coming from upstairs. They both quickly ran and stopped by a broken door. Frank nodded as the woman went in first with her gun drawn. At the far in of the room were several men hanging from the legs and covered in blood. On the ground was another man aiming a gun to a tall, dark creature that had its wings spread. It growled at the man, and when he fired, the animal moved with such speed that only the man’s head was seen falling on the ground. Both officers were stunned at what they saw and slowly back away, however, Frank bumped into something and turned his head to gaze at another creature. It roared as it opened its mouth and razor teeth clapped on him. Frank screamed in pain and fired his gun onto the creature’s face. The woman shouted and shot as well then felt something stabbed her from the back. Her eyes slowly moved down to her stomach and gazed at a polished blade piercing through her. Slowly she was lifted and was turned around to stare at the other creature’s eyes. It beamed at her and smiled as it began to laugh.

* * *

A man laughed as applauded as a woman on stage bowed her head to everyone. The concert hall was filled to capacity as applauds echoed throughout. Four large curtains closed in front of the woman as she curtsied once more. She took a deep breath and sat upright as she walked off the stage. Everyone the backstage congratulated her for the performance and a man with a bouquet of roses waited by the dresser room.

“Good show.” He smiled at the woman.

“Thanks.” She looked at him.

His green eyes gazed at the woman’s dark red hair with white tips which seemed odd. Her dark complexion was flawless and showed no sign of age or skin damage, it was an eerie sight. Even her eye color was strange as if they changed colors from green to blue or even red.

“What?” she frowned at him.

“Nothing,” he shook his head and held the bouquet to her. “just admiring your beauty.”

She grabbed the flowers and smelled it and said nothing as she stepped inside the room. The lights turned on by themselves as the woman walked over to the vanity and placed the bouquet on top then gazed at her reflection. She touched her face and sighed.

“What? You don’t believe me.” The man laughed and sat on the couch.

“Always making jokes, Mr. Shea.” She looked at him from the mirror. “I was just thinking of what I really looked like underneath this face.”

“Why are you so formal with me? I never call you Ms. Price.”

“I tend to treat those around me only as colleagues and nothing more. You know how my life is, and I don’t like to have anyone get close to me.”

“What do you mean?” he leaned forward.

“I—” A knock was heard on the door. “Yes?”

“Katherina, it’s me, Gilbert. May I come in?”

“Sure.” The woman sat down and turned to look at Gilbert who entered. There was an uncanny resembles between the two for being twins they did not look alike. He was a few minutes older then Katherina and his hair were black with a bit of reddish on the tips. He appeared young for his age. “So, what news do you have for me?”

“I heard a report of killings by the lower end of the city. Seems like two cops were killed investigating the site. No one survived.”

Katherina turned her attention to the mirror and began to wipe off the lipstick. “So, what do you think I should do?”

“Stay low until it’s over.” Gilbert moved over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. “I think it be best we leave town. You did great and have enough to trip for a while.”

“And if I lose myself?” she looked over at the newspaper clipping of a creature flying in the air. “Amira said to wait until she returns.”

“Yeah guys, if you are worried about the dark creatures don’t worry. Leave everything to me.” Steven smiled and stood. “I am trained in these types of things.”