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The Moon Boy and The Sun Girl

A side story which features the Cervus a race which appears in the story of the Sapphire fruit and its sequels. The story timeline would take place about hundred thousand years before the appears of humans. There is no mention of any of the creatures or characters from the main story as this world takes place many years. The tale is of a young Cervus child named Gela and her discovery of the boy who lives on the moon and the girl who lives in the sun. The idea came to me while I was watching a animated film. The film and story are completely different and if someone were to see it and read the story they would never think twice of connecting the two. So here is a sample of the first chahpter which is still a work in progress.

Chapter One

Where dreams come from

Sitting on a tree branch was a young creature that appeared to be some type of lamb. She was watching the sunset as the moon became visible in the evening sky. Her yellow eyes studied the movement of the moon as it slowly rotated. She leaned against the tree and wondered if anyone lived on the moon and what it would look like gazing back on the earth. As she thought about her eyes slowly began to close until she dozed off. However, something startled her and woke up to a ram who was shouting from below the tree.

“Gela get down from there and get inside. The darkness is coming.”

“Yes, papa.” She rubbed her eyes then jumped down. “I was only watching the moon.”

“And its fine but I would love it if you watched it from inside.” The ram looked around the area. “You know those dark creatures come out to eat.”

“But what if they don’t eat us and eat something else? I mean all those stories about them are just that stories.”

“Hush child.” The ram pushed her inside the house with his hands. “Those tales are what has kept all of us alive, and you should heed their warnings.”

Gela shook her head and walked off to the stairs. She ran to the fourth floor and walked out to a small balcony. A large tree covered most of the house and protected from the harsh environments of the high mountain winds. Gela climbed one of the large branches and reached the edge to gaze at the moon which was a blue moon. She sat down and pulled out a small device from her pocket and began to sketch out the moon. She drew several buildings and other things. Holding it up to the moon, Gela smiled and wondered if there were others on it. When she was done with the drawing, she saved it then rested her head on the branch. A snowflake gently fell on top of her red fur, and her ears twitched as she moved her eyes to the clouds coming from the west.

“Seems like winter is coming early this year.” She looked at her device and searched for a report on the display. A message appeared, and a boy waving his hand and smiling greeted her. “Hey, Jeremy.”

“Gela what you up to?”

“Watching the moon.” Her eyes looked at it.

“Again? Why are you so interested in the moon? It’s just a flying rock.”

Gela giggled. “No, it more than just a rock. I think others are living up there.”

Jeremy shook his head. “Wow, I don’t know why I’m friends with you. Anyway, come over. My mom is baking her famous rock berries.”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a bit. Cool, see you soon.”

Gela stood on her hoofs and could not move her eyes from the moon. Something called out to her, and she wondered what it was. She sighed and tucked her device in her pocket and ran downstairs. She opened a door and crossed a bridge to the other side of the ravine. Upon arriving on another building, she knocked, and an old ram opened it. His hands shook as he gazed at Gela.

“Oh, sweet Gela, I am guessing Jeremy told you about my daughter’s rock berries.”

“Yes, he did.” She smiled.

“Well come in.”

“Thank you.” Gela entered the house and looked at the interior. Everything inside of was of wood or stone with a few things made of old horns or antlers. “May, I forgot that you have so many antlers.”

“I know.” The old ram looked at them. “These are from those who fell to the darkness.”

“So, you also believe in those tales as well?”

The old ram laughed. “Ha, I do, and I would advise you to follow the rules. Don’t want a youngster to fall too.”

“Well, how my dad is overprotected of me, that’s not going to happen.” Gela walked over to one of the horns and gazed at its reddish color. “Wonder if my mother had horns like these.”

“No, hers were pale white.” The old ram looked at it then at Gela. “You, on the other hand, it appears to be a light red.”

“Yeah, it matches with my fur.” Gela touched them.

Just then a young male sheep came running in. “Gela, you came. Come to the kitchen. Mama has a few ready for us to try. Grandpa, you come too.”

The three headed to the kitchen and Gela greeted Jeremy’s mother and grandmother who was helping with the baking.

“How are you and your father doing?” Jeremy’s mother asked.

“Fine. Dad’s keeping an eye out for those dark creatures.” Gela lowered her voice to sound evil.

“Stop that.” Jeremy hid his face behind the counter. “You shouldn’t be making fun. They’re real and killed many of our kin.”

“I’m only joking.” Gela laughed.

“Joking about those horrible creatures is not something to be taken lightly.” Jeremy’s grandmother spoke with a stern voice. “A young lady as yourself should stop daydreaming and be thinking about her future as the new Watcher. The time will come when you will need to be called upon to take your place as the Watcher and to have a family.”

“I got plenty of time.” Gela shook her head. “I’m only ten and to be the new Watcher is still twenty years from now. Also, I don’t want to settle down and have a family.”

Both Jeremy’s mother and grandmother gasped and stared at each other. Jeremy’s grandfather on the other hand laughed and slapped his knee.

“You sound just like your mother. She too didn’t want to marry.”

“And those kinds of thoughts are the reason she was killed.” Jeremy’s grandmother said not realizing that she went too far. Gela made a frowning face and turned around as she headed back home.

“Victoria, look what you said.” The old ram shook his head. “You went too far.”

“I only said it so she would stop being a dreamer and take your place as the new Watcher.”

“There will be lost of time for her to take that mantle. Let her be a child for the few years she has left.” The old ram got up and followed Gela who was crossing the bridge. She turned around and looked at him. “Gela, I am sorry for Victoria’s behavior. She some times speaks more then she should.”

“It’s fine.” Gela sighed and rested her arms over the bridge’s ropes. She viewed the valley below to see faint flickers of light. “Did you see how my mother was killed? My dad never talks about it.”

The old ram rubbed his chin and chewed on something. “No, I was not there. The only person to see it was Victoria.”

“So, she might be lying about it.”

“I know she exaggerates with her stories, but the death of Elizabeth was not made up. We found her body cut into pieces.” Gela looked at him. “It was tough for Jab to come to terms with it and I can understand why he is very protected of you.”

“Yeah.” Gela sighed. “Guess, I should head back. Tell Jeremy that I’ll see him tomorrow at the peak of Old Lull.”

“Sweet dreams.”

Gela went back home and head straight to bed. She tucked herself and gazed at the blue moon and slowly drifted to sleep.

As the gentle winds blew on the giant trees, a shadow of someone’s face was seen over the moon. A smile came from it then vanished as passing clouds covered it. Something moved along the range and stopped in front of Gela’s window. It peeked through and gently opened the window. The breeze awakened Gela, and she shivered while looking at the slightly opened window. She climbed down from the bed and walked over to close it, but before she did, her eyes got a glimpse of a strange figure seated on the bench. Gela rubbed her eyes and gazed at it. As her eyes adjusted to the person, it was a boy wearing a blue fez with a small bluish bell on the string. His clothing was also blue which was a long sleeve shirt and puffy pants. His shoes jiggled as little bells hung from the sides. The boy’s hair was a light shade of blue, and he seemed sad. Gela could not believe her eyes for she had never seen a human boy before. The tales of humanoids was myths and Gela though that perhaps she was dreaming. She quickly pinched herself and flinched then looked back outside. The boy was gone and on its place was Jab her father holding a white rose in his hands.

“Was it just my imagination?” Gela rubbed her forehead then gazed at her father. “What’s he doing out so late?”