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The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox

The beginning of the third book of the Sapphire Fruit series. The second book 'The Sorceress and the Tapestry' is it at the moment being edited and will becoming out later this year. The fourth which I'm not going to mention the title yet, is also being worked on. I still need two more bedtime stories and another take on it to ensure everything flows. Not much spoilers on this small piece, but if you haven't read the first book then something is told here but not much to ruin the main story.


The sun was at its highest point, and a few passing clouds were seen in the distance. A woman with dark reddish hair stood on a small hill overlooking a large grass field. She wore a straw hat which gave her shade and a long dress made of silk that complimented her dark skin. Her light brown eyes watched a group of elephants that were feeding on trees and other vegetation. There was a single calf running among the herd as it played with the older elephants. The woman smiled and slowly approached the pack. One of the elephants was alerted by the woman’s presence, and it charged towards her with its massive tusks. The woman stopped and lowered her head as she held her hand out to the elephant. The male elephant halted a few feet from the woman and moved its trunk around her as it sniffed. It made a low sound and spoke in a low tone.

“Who are you? And what do you want?”

“I seek your blessing and if you would permit me to walk through your domain.”

“Gaze at me, human.”

The woman lifted her head and stared at the elephant’s eyes. They observed each other, then the elephant placed its trunk on the shoulder of the woman, and walked away. The woman thanked the elephant. The calf saw the gesture the elder did, and it walked towards the woman. It began to play with her, and the woman smiled at the calf. She petted it on the head and walked to the rest of the herd, and she introduced herself to them.

“Greetings, my name is Zalika.”

“We welcome you, human.” All the elephants responded to her.

“I thank you all for inviting me.”

Zalika walked with the elephants for a while, and they spoke of many things. She learned that the elephants had a culture, and they acted just like humans. After a while, Zalika rested underneath a tree and viewed the scenery. It was a peaceful day and sitting underneath the shade was relaxing. Zalika closed her eyes and felt at peace as the calf sat next to her, and it began to ask many questions. While they conversed with each other, a sadness came over Zalika’s heart and looked to the left. There stood a ghost of an elderly woman, and it was walking towards her. Zalika stood up and lowered her head as the spirit of the woman stopped in front of her and smiled.

“Master Alya,” Zalika began to cry. “I am sorry for what happened to you. Please be at.”

Alya spoke, but no words came out from her mouth. Zalika asked what she was trying to tell her, but Alya was gone and in her place was a fruit floating in the air. The colors of the fruit changed until it stopped on a purple hue. Zalika held her hand to it, as it formed into a small child.

“I understand, and I will be ready when the time comes.”

The figure of the child disappeared, and Zalika stared at the calf that was pushing on a small tree. She smiled at it and looked at the herd as they all gathered around Zalika and bowed their heads to her.

“We felt her death, and we are sorry.” They all said in one voice.

Zalika thanked them and held her hand in the air as she whispered a prayer and all the elephants began to mourn.