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Levitt and Coda

A late tale but one on time. The idea for it came from a short clip I saw which I still have as I was thinking of a story for it. Of course the real story will have more then what I just posted. Needs a lot of work and flush out more of the story. Most tales of humans meeting aliens are about aliens that look like humans or monster looking and want to kill or eat you. I wanted to tell a story that is different in which a boy meets an alien and becomes friends, of course not like E.T.(Ouch, his finger glowed) The story would be more of the alien trying to fix its ship and leave the planet, of course Coda's ship is taken by the government (humans become villains especially when someone or thing is not like us) and Levitt helps her get it back. However, Coda's act of being a friend is only a facade as she is escaping from someone. Cant give all the details as it would spoil the story but I think it will different from most tales of humans meeting aliens. So, just a short piece about two pages long, a single shot novel.

Levitt and Coda

The stars shined brightly, and a young boy was gazing at them with his telescope. He looked over to a small table and marked something on a sheet of paper then returned to looking at the stars. A man walked next to him and held to the boy a mug.

“Thanks, dad.”

“Yup, so anything new on the charts?” his father sipped his coffee.

“Just a few objects, but I think they are satellites.” The boy blew on the mug and carefully tastes the hot chocolate. “Mm…just like the way mom makes it.”

“Well, thank you.” his father smiled and peeked through the eyepiece. “They sure are lovely tonight.”

“Do you think we’ll see the comet tonight?” The boy pulled out his phone and searched for the information of the passing comet.

“I think that’s tomorrow night and you won’t be able to see it as it is a school night.”

“Sucks.” He kicked the dirt and looked at the sky. “Wish I could see them.”

* * *

As the lights were turned off and the boy looked at the window, he saw a strange light streaking across the sky. He sat up and wondered if it was the comet. He jumped off his bed and sneaked out of the house. He ran down the pathway and stopped near the telescope. He gazed at the clear sky but saw no sign of the comet or object.

“Was I seeing things?” He rubbed his head and headed back to his house. As he was about to head inside, a light flashed behind him, the boy turned and saw something glowing in the distance. He ran to the telescope and pointed it to the mountains. Smoke came out from the face of the mountain, and birds were seen flying away from it.

“A meteor.” The boy smiled and looked at it with delight. “Oh man, I got to get a piece.”

He looked at the house, and no one was up, so he ran to the crash site. The moon’s light guided the boy to the site, and he felt the heat as he got closer to it. He stopped a few feet from it and looked down below where the meteor rested. The rock was black, and portions of it shimmer of red from the light. The boy carefully went down and examined it. Steam appeared from it, and the boy moved his hand closer to it. He placed his hand and felt that it was cool to the touch. The rock was smooth and covered with dirt and branches. Parts of it had indentations of straight lines running across it as if it were a door. The boy was surprised and realized it was a spaceship. He gasped and quickly climbed out of the hole. When he reached the top of the breach, a shadow stood in front of him. The being was tall, and four arms could be seen. Its knees were inverted, and its feet had four toes that looked like fingers. Its head was covered with a shiny sphere which its face was not seen. It moved one of its arms to the boy and held something that blinded him and passed out.

A few minutes later, the boy opened his eyes and looked at being with large green eyes. Its skin was smooth and blue and had no nose. On its head were tick reddish tentacles that moved. Its body frame was tall and slender. It only had two arms and two legs. The boy looked at it with horror and became worried that it was going to hurt him. The being turned its head and grinned to show its razor teeth. It moved closer to him, and one of its tentacles rested on the boy’s head. Its large green eyes glowed as it gasped. The boy gazed at it with wide eyes and said nothing nor move as he was frozen with fear. As the being’s eyes returned to normal, its face changed to look more human but with no nose.

“No need to be scared.” It spoke with a famine voice. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Y…you know English?”

“No, my limb allows you to hear my language as if I speak your language.” The boy looked at the being’s body. Its body frame changed from slender to muscular. “What?”

“You are thin and now muscular.”

“Oh, the gravity of this planet is heavier, so I needed to modified to it; otherwise, my body would be crushed.”

“That’s…cool. What are you going to do to me?”

It smiled and held its hand over a round object which glowed. The straps on the boy were released, and he dropped to his feet. “Sorry if I tied you. You were convulsing due to the radiation of the ship. You should be fine now, but do be careful when approaching objects from space. The radiation is dangerous to your kind or any other being.”

“Um…thanks.” He rubbed his arm. “So, you’re not going to eat me or kill me, or hunt me down for sport?”

The being giggled and shook its head. “You watch too many movies. You, humans, viewpoint to other beings is strange. To view others as monsters must be your nature. Paranoia must be program into you.”

The boy laughed nervously. “Yeah, um…we are a bit odd. Oh, by the way, I Levitt.”

“My name is difficult to pronounce so call me Coda.”

“I never hear a name like that before.”

“It's not a name but a word that means the conclusion of a piece or movement.”

“Oh, right of course.” He rubbed his head.

Coda laughed and moved it limb from Levitt’s head then walked over to a doorway. It moved its hand over it, and the door vanished. Coda smiled pointed to the outside.

“Oh so…sorry if I’m keeping you from working.” Coda only smiled and moved her hand to walk out. “Right, you don’t understand me. Well, thanks for saving my life and its cool to meet a real alien.”

Levitt slowly walked out of the ship then ran home. It was still night when he reached his door and wondered if he should tell his parents about the spaceship and Coda. He tiptoed to his bedroom and got in bed then dozed off.