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Busy, busy

Almost three months since I posted. I've been busy as I got a new job. The other place was just slow and I was not going anywhere with that company. This new place is more different and a lot to learn about but I'll become good at it in now time. One thing is that I only work four days but ten hours shifts and its second shift, not too bad. As for writing, I'm still doing it. Just finished correcting the second book which will be coming out in November. I'll only doing a few changes here and there to make sure its the best book it can be. I'll learn a lot about POV and noticed that the second had a lot about seven which is fine but it just broke the story and did not added anything to it.

Reading for me is like watching a movie in my head, so I can see why the editor commented in sections to either make it a new POV or to rewrite it in the protagonist's view. The first one did not have so many just about three but as I added more characters and situation it would become to overwhelming for the reader, especially if the book is for kids.

I added the prologue of the second book and it might seem odd of how it is but each of the seven books has a snippet of an event that happened during or before the event of the main story. Many would see it strange but for me its something that helps connect the books together and also establish the people of each section. So with that in mind here is the prologue of the second book, The Sorceress and the Tapestry:


A ship sailed on the ocean in the distance, the sound of giant wings reverberating above. Lightning flashed, and a flying creature was seen in the clouds. The vessel was fleeing from the beast, racing for safety, but it was caught in a storm. The waves became violent, and the boat was slammed by them.

“Se opp!” a man shouted lookout as a giant wave collided into the boat.

One of the men held onto the wheel as the entity flew above them. The captain ordered his men to prepare to attack, and they grabbed their bows and stared at the dark sky. Arrows aimed at the clouds; lightning struck as they waited to see the creature. Another flash of light illuminated the area, and they spotted the silhouette of the beast. The captain gave the order, and they all fired.

While the men battled with the flying monster, a young man ran below deck. From a wall, he pulled a blade, then turned around and stared at a large square object covered by a brown sheet. The four corners were tied down to the posts, so the man cut the cloth to expose the cage. Inside lay a child covered with a red and yellow blanket. There was no movement, and the young man shouted to get up. With the child unresponsive, the man’s trembling hands unlatched the gate. His eyes were fixated on the colored blanket as he breathed nervously. He slowly walked inside with the blade in the air and shouted.

“You are the cause of the monster to come after us, so get up and stop it!”

A wave rammed into the ship, and the young man held onto the cage’s bars as water rushed inside. He gripped tightly, but the force was powerful that he fell and dropped the blade. As the wave washed over him, his eyes caught sight of the child who stood upright. The wet blanket slowly lowered to reveal a boy with black patterns on his face. His razor teeth exposed as the boy grinned. The man searched for the blade, but the child dove on top of him and began to slice his flesh. The screams of the man were not heard, for the storm blocked the sound.

Outside, the sailors continued their fight with the flying creature. They shot their arrows and heard laughter as four red glowing eyes pierced through the dark clouds. A strange word was overheard as a light shone from the shadows and struck the boat, igniting the wood as the men fought to extinguish it. They poured water, but it only caused the blaze to rise higher. The captain saw that it was no use, so he ordered his men to abandon the vessel as another fireball was tossed at them. All the men jumped into the raging waves as the ship burned.

The captain emerged from the ocean and floated to find any of his men. He saw the silhouette of a person coming from below the water and surfaced nearby. The captain called out to the person, and lightning struck up above them.

The captain’s eyes widened in horror and shouted. “Du!”

The child stared into the captain’s face and grinned as he slowly swam towards him. Lowering his head, the boy was about to attack when the flying creature’s shadow was cast over them. The boy looked up and spoke a strange language as he submerged himself and vanished. Laughter from the winged creature echoed, and the captain glanced up at the sky. He saw two snouts piercing through the clouds, and it frightened him, for he thought there were two flying creatures. Both mouths opened slightly, and a glow came from within so intense was the heat the captain felt it. Paralyzed with fear, the captain floated, helpless in the sea. As both creatures were about to attack, their mouths closed and retreated into the black clouds. Another flash of lightning appeared, and only one animal was seen. It stared into the distance, and the captain made out a smile on the beast as it spoke in its language.

“Ah, so it appears they are here. A pity that I will end their life very soon.” The creature lowered its head, and its glowing red eyes scanned the ocean. Smoke curled from its nostrils as it laughed. “It seems that you managed to escape from me, prince, but no matter. I will find you, and your realm will see the death of your kind. As for now, I shall deal with these two and end our contract.”

Another lightning bolt struck, and the flying creature was gone. The captain was relieved, and he began to call out for his men, but no one besides him survived. He was all alone in the ocean. The ship sailed away as the storm extinguished the flames. The captain searched around for something to hold onto, and a large piece of timber floated nearby. He swam over and lifted himself onto it. As the storm passed, he spoke a prayer, and eventually, he saw land. A smile overcame as he sat on the wood.