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A change of things

So, this is a story I'm working on. The idea of it, I don't remember where I got it from but it is a science fiction, different from the other stories I'm am working on. At the moment it is just in the process of the first draft. I did a few changes from the first draft so it is like 1.5 version of the first draft. I'm only doing a few things here and there also not going into it as I should as I'm busy getting my second novel ready for November. There is also my YA novel as I want to launch it next year, when I don't know as it still needs to go through the editor. It's a big book, over 100000 words (Yikes!) Yes, I know it should have less words but as I go through it I'm doing changes here and there to shorten it. Anyway, this novel at the moment is entitled 'Soul Machine', might change later on.


A woman gazed at a ripped portrait of a man’s face. She moved a piece of the fabric to see who it was; however, the eyes were punctured, and a portion of the face was stained with white paint and writing.

‘He has fallen.’

Standing back from the portrait, the woman’s eyes scanned the room. Everything was scattered, and several books were damaged or burned by the fire. Numerous chairs were wrecked, and a table smashed against the wall. A grand window was crashed into, and a desk underneath the broken pieces was shattered as if something massive crashed into it. A single large footprint was noticeable on the wooden debris and floor. Bullet holes littered the walls and everything else. Signs of a fight were visible as well as splashes of blood.

The woman’s eyes skimmed the entire room, then she looked at her forearm and held two fingers over a screen that was latched to her arm. She typed a command, then held her hand out, and a blue light shot out as it probed the room. The beam fragmented into six lines, and each moved across the entire area. When it finished, a replication of the room before it was destroyed was display in front of her. The woman strolled to the back of the room near the entrance, then played the video.


The elderly man was seated by his desk writing when the telephone rung. He answered and spoke to someone.

“Jacob, it’s good to hear from you again.” The man led back on his chair. “No, I haven’t watched the news. They cannot do anything to us. I assure you that everything will be taken care of. My son is—”

A knock was heard, and another man entered with a briefcase. “My apologies for disturbing you, sir. But I have something vital for you.”

“Jacob could you hold for a moment, one of my associates is here.” The elderly man lowered the phone and covered the mouthpiece. “This better be good. I don’t like being interrupted when I am speaking with my friends.”

“It is, sir.” The man walked over to the desk and placed his briefcase on top. He opened it and layout a black folder then pushed it towards the elderly man.

“What’s this?” He grabbed his glasses and opened.

“It’s the report from your son. Someone took the Zeus machine.” The man answered with concern.

“What?” The elderly man stood. “How? No one knew about that project.”

“I know, sir.” The man bowed his head. “But we suspect your daughter-in-law was the one who stole it. Also, your two grandchildren are gone.”

The elderly man slammed his fist on the desk. “Curse that woman! I had a bad feeling she was inferior to us. I want you to go and find her then kill her.”

“And the children?”

“Laura has that heart condition, she’s no threat to me. Ben, on the other hand,” the elderly paused and sat down then gazed at a photo of his two grandchildren. “Mm…send someone to bring him home. Dead or alive.”

“Right away.” He bowed.

As the man was about to leave the room, a blinding light came from the window behind the desk. The sound of a jet engine was heard as the elderly man turned his chair around and looked. His eyes widened as he fled from the window, and a giant machine crashed into the building. One of its feet smashed the desk as it landed on the floor.

“Zeus!” the elderly man shouted, then he frowned. “Kara, are you in there?”

One of the arms rose and aimed the barrel to the man. It began to spin as the man shook his head.

“Curse you b—” a hail of bullets pepper-sprayed his body and only left a bloody carcass as it fell to the ground. The other man fell on his behind and trembled as the machine lifted its arm and fired at the room. The bullets destroyed everything as it moved the gun around. Once ammo was depleted, the front of the chassis opened up, and a woman came out from it. Her head was shaved, and her body was half-covered by bandages that were stained in blood. She was missing an arm that was replaced with a prosthetic limb. The woman walked over to the bloody carcass and spit at it then glanced at a portrait of the man she had killed. She marched over to it and tear it down. Dipping her finger in the blood, she wrote on the painting, then began to deface it. The man who was watching hid behind one of the broken chairs, cowering. The woman heard him and strolled over as she tossed the chair behind her. The man held his hands in front of him and pleaded for his life.

“Please have mercy on me. I did not do anything to you.” his voice trembled.

The woman stirred her prosthetic arm and placed it on top of the man’s head. There was no emotion on her face as she began to squeeze the man’s head. He screamed to stop it as her fingers punctured into his skull then burst. His lifeless body fell as the woman returned to the Zeus and took off.


The video was stopped and rewind back to the woman’s face.

“Ouch!” A man said as he entered the crime scene and looked around. “Man, o man, bet they were not expecting something like this to happen.”

“Well, if Sir McCrery did that to me, I would have done the same thing. He was not a likable guy.” The woman said as she moved her fingers around the woman’s face to make a frame. “Still, why would he do this to her?”

“I ran reports on them but found nothing. The only thing I was able to find is that Sir McCrery had a daughter, but she passed away about four years ago.” The man observed the image of the woman’s face on display and held a photo of the medical record to it. “Well, she isn’t her, and she sure doesn’t look like his daughter-in-law. Maybe someone else?”

“What of the husband?” The woman held the captured face in her hands and gazed at the woman’s eyes.

“At the moment, his secretary is saying he’s in mourning for the loss of his father and his two kidnap children.” The man moved the carcass with his foot. “Wow, what a mess.”

“Edger,” the woman gazed at the man. He was bald and was wearing black sunglasses. He was tall and fit. His dark skin showed cracks of his enchantments on his arms and face. His coat was trenched as droplets of water fell on the floor. “I want you to contact Lock and see what she can find on this Zeus.”

“You sure you want to bring her in?”

“Not really.” Her eyes shifted back to the image, and her fixated on the woman’s face. “But if she has a machine like this, we’re going to need her help.”

“Right. I’ll go then. Hey chief,” the woman looked at Edgar. “You think this might be related to the Clan case?”

“Not sure.” She pushed a button on her wrist, and the image was gone. Her silver eyes shifted around the carnage and stopped at the briefcase on the floor. “Have a lot of dots to connect.”

“That’s for sure. You want me to take that over to HQ?”

The woman stooped over the briefcase and gently caressed her fingers over it. Her eyes glowed then dimmed as she opened it. Inside were the black folder and other documents. “Yeah, take it. I’ve got another engagement.”

“Oh. You seeing her again? I thought it was all in the past.” Edgar walked over to her as she gave him the briefcase.

“My past always comes back. Just like this poor baster.”

Edgar smirked. “Talk about irony. Okay, I’ll see you later, Amaya.”