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A new story

I wrote this story for a friend's birthday and decided to make it into a short tail for the blog. I will be updating it every week or so.

The kid and the old man

Chapter One

A young girl sat on a stone near a dry lake-bed, overlooking the sunset and the smoke coming from the burning bodies. She shifted her attention to the black corpses, seeing the flesh burn away. Just then, she heard a man's voice speaking from behind.

"It's getting late. Let's head back before more come."

The girl turned her head and stared at the bearded man. His face showed signs of old age and worries. His brown eyes were half-closed as the sunset hit them.

"Did you needed to kill all of them?" The girl turned back to face the pile of bodies. "Some didn't seem to act like the others."

The man stood next to her and spat at the flames, then held a gun to her. "Here."

She stared at the old magnum with its handle wrapped with red-tape, indicating it needed replacing. On the side of the barrel had a name etched: Nikki.

"Thanks." she grabbed it. "Hey, who's Nikki?"

"No one important. Anyway, I don't want you to rush it next time." He kicked a rock, hitting one of the dead bodies. "I'm not going to be there always to watch your back."

"Sending yourself to the grave." She smirked.

The man did not smile, keeping his sights on the pile. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I hear you. Should laugh once in a while."

"Facing death is funny?"

"No, but t's better to laugh in the face of danger than being an old goat." The girl aimed at one of the corpse's head. She pulled back the trigger, and the hammer snapped. The gun only clicked. "Empty?"

"You should know by now." The man pulled out a few bullets from his bag that was sling over his shoulder. He handed a few rounds to her. "Enough to keep you safe."

"Yeah, yeah. I know the rules. One-shot, one kill,” the girl grabbed the ammo. "Make sure to feel the weight of the gun and keep count. Anything else pops?"

The man shook his head and turned around, strolling to the old parked car. The paint on it was almost gone with a few spots of the green. The tires needed air and were ripping.

"I'm going to make you laugh one of these days." The girl followed the man's movements, then she stood and reloaded the pistol. Once finished, she placed her headphones over her ears, hit play on her cassette player. As the song played, she saw something walking from behind the bushes. She smiled and fired.

The man turned around and saw a body lying on the ground. He gazed at the girl who was coming towards him. "What did I just told you about the ammo?"

"Better to deal with that thing now than having it come to kill us later on."

"That's not the point." the man sighed and leaned against the car. "The bullets are rare, and we can't just go wasting them like that."

"Relax, pops." she walked over to the passenger side and hopped inside. "I'll make more. Just need to find the ingredients."

Without saying a word, the man entered and rested his hands on top of the steering wheel. He gripped it for a few seconds then started the engine. The car choked at first, but after a few turns, it came to life.

"Old Betsy doesn't sound too good." the girl kicked her feet on top of the dashboard.

"Yeah, well, when you're her age, parts need changing."

The girl chuckled. "Is that a joke?"

"Maybe." The man smirked but did not smile.

"I'm going to get you one of these days."

"You won't."